Introducing the Talent Management Division of The Brooks Group

The solution to your hiring needs isn’t just a product, it’s a service. And we think it takes an entire department to provide your organization with the service it deserves.

Talent management goes beyond selection, and as your assessment provider we believe in offering a solution that goes beyond simply selecting the right candidate. Take your hiring assessments further with this division that is solely dedicated to filling your organization with the best talent, while creating an optimized environment for new hires to thrive.

The Brooks Group’s Talent Management Division was developed with our Brooks Talent Index clients in mind. Our goal is to help you get the most out of the powerful system you already know and trust.

What kind of changes should our current Brooks Talent Index clients expect?

We’re not changing anything! Instead, we’re broadening the dynamic support system we already provide.
At The Brooks Group, we understand that hiring and managing talent is an investment in your company’s future. In order to provide you with the maximum benefit from that investment, the Talent Management Division provides you with the following solutions:

Brooks Talent Index Position Benchmarking

Objective insight into any position in your organization in order to create a blueprint for superior performance

Brooks Talent Index Hiring Assessments

A clear and multi-dimensional picture of an individual’s capacity to perform in a specific role—sales positions and beyond

Talent Management Support 

Convenient, online scheduling capabilities for assessment debriefs and talent acquisition consultations. Click here to schedule a review now

Assessment Podcast 

Monthly podcasts to highlight specific components of the assessment, and help you get more out of the reports you’re already using

Brooks Talent Index Certification Training 

A two-day program equipping attendees with the expertise to interpret assessment results on their own

Accessible Resources 

A collection of tools and resources created to support your hiring, onboarding, and retention efforts

  • Determine what behaviors, motivators, and personal skills are needed in a specific role
  • Assess candidates to find the ideal match for your benchmarked position
  • Receive assessment debriefs from Talent Management Consultants to determine who is the best fit
  • Access educational resources to become an expert on the Brooks Talent Index reports
  • Use information from the reports to increase job satisfaction and productivity 

Identify Top Talent. Reduce Turnover. Maximize Engagement