The Brooks Group Equips Hitachi Energy Team to Handle Difficult Conversations

Manufacturing Sales Training

Challenging Market Conditions Lead to Sales Pressure

Hitachi Energy, a $10 billion global technology company, faces challenges in meeting the rising demand for infrastructure due to supply chain disruptions. The company faces longer lead times, supply chain bottlenecks, and rising prices for materials and manufacturing.

To address this, Hitachi Energy partnered with The Brooks Group Sales Consulting Services for a customized solution. Using a customized, consultative process that included psychometric assessments and extensive discovery, The Brooks Group developed a comprehensive program of content, messaging, training, roleplaying, and coaching that was tailored to the team’s specific needs.

“Being able to communicate using a common language was the driver behind having training across all the North American facilities. We’ve been able to turn things around since we’ve had the training on difficult discussions. It’s worked out great. And the proof is in the data.”

Joe Bigler Hitachi Energy

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