Job Hiring Benchmarks Assessment

Develop your ideal candidate profile and use it to hire the (near) perfect match – for sales roles and beyond

Don’t Leave Your Hiring Decisions to Gut Feelings Alone! Be Scientific With Our Hiring Assessment

Have you ever hired someone who looks great on paper only to be disappointed by their performance once they’ve joined your team? The job benchmarking process takes the guesswork out of hiring by identifying exactly what a position needs for success and then comparing your candidates to that ideal profile.

Job Benchmark Assessment Benefits

Create Business Role Alignment

Achieve consensus among stakeholders in your organization on the key competencies most important to the role and then fit your ideal person to that role.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Quickly identify the strength and gap areas of each of your candidates, and dig deeper with customized interview questions to gain more transparency into what success will look like.

Reduce Business Turnover

Avoid costly hiring mistakes and choose the candidate that’s best matched for the role requirements. Job training is expensive and should be reserved for those that fit the bill – take the guess work out of the process!

The perfect match for your business is out there – are you ready to find them?

How the Benchmarking Process Works


Identify the Role and Subject Matter Experts

You’ll identify the role to benchmark, and the people within your organization who understand what the job requires for success today and into the future.


Define, Prioritize, and Weigh Key Accountabilities

During an interactive session with a consultant from The Brooks Group, you will identify and prioritize the accountabilities and competencies most important to the role.


Respond to the Survey and Review the Report

Through a multifaceted job report, the benchmarking team will complete individual surveys. This survey is merged and reviewed, revealing a report with a clear picture of the job and what it needs for success.


Compare Candidates Using the Comparison Report

You’re ready to use your benchmark! Assessments are administered to your candidates, and a Comparison Report is created to uncover which areas make the candidate a good fit, and where gaps may exist

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Bonus: Receive A Custom Interview Guide – Free with Every New* Job Benchmark

Once you’ve used the benchmark to identify the best-matched candidate, insight from the report will provide suggestions for targeted interview questions.

The Custom Interview Guide gives you the insight of an expert hiring consultant, in a convenient and easy-to-use guide that you can share with everyone involved in the interview process.

In the guide, you’ll receive:

  • Customized questions to drill down on potential challenge areas
  • Tips and best practices to follow-up on a candidate’s answers
  • An accessible and easy-to-use format to simplify the hiring process

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do benchmarks last?
When creating a job benchmark, it’s important to consider not only what the job requires today, but also what it will require as your organization moves into the future. To keep ahead of the curve and avoid the disruptive aspects of change, the current best practice is to update established benchmarks every 2 years.

Who should be involved in the benchmarking process?
The benchmarking process will involve a consultant from The Brooks Group, who will facilitate the session with your team members most knowledgeable about the position. This includes a minimum of 3 people within your organization (maximum of 10) that have a direct connection to the job—they may include a manager who has been in the role before, top performers currently in the same role, or anyone who will be directly affected by the performance of the person in the new position.

It’s important that the people involved in creating the benchmark are very familiar with the day-to-day activities of the position.

How long does the process take?
The interactive session needed to create the benchmark takes one hour. From there, your team members will be sent a survey to complete individually which typically takes around 45 minutes. The final report will then be reviewed and ready for you to use!

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