IMPACT Selling Skills Index® (SSI)

An assessment providing quantitative insight into your sales team’s skill level.

Measure the Fundamental Hard-Skills of Selling

Sales is hard.

What makes it even harder is when your team struggles, but you’re not sure why. Or when you want to hire a new sales professional but aren’t sure if they have the skills to be successful.

The IMPACT Selling Skills Index (SSI) measures an individual’s knowledge of the fundamental selling skills within the context of a customer-focused sales process.

The assessment can be delivered on its own or in combination with the Brooks Talent Index (which provides additional insight into behavior styles, motivators, and personal skills).

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Selling Skills Index Assessment Benefits:

  • Diagnose skill gaps on your sales team to provide the necessary customized training.
  • Develop personalized performance improvement plans for current team members.
  • Know the skill level of sales candidates before making a hiring decision.

The SSI Evaluates Sales Knowledge Based on Today’s Modern Selling Environment

The questions on the SSI are based on The Brooks Group’s deep knowledge and industry expertise regarding sales best practices in a wide array of complex selling environments.

The results provide an accurate picture of how equipped an individual is to perform at high levels in an ever-changing marketplace.

Clear, Actionable Results

The easy-to-interpret results reveal which step of the selling process poses the greatest challenge to a salesperson, as well as the coaching tips a manager needs to monitor performance improvement in that specific area.

Quickly determine where your candidate or team member excels, and where they could benefit from targeted training and coaching.

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Let’s figure out if the Selling Skills Index is the right assessment for your organization’s needs.