The World's Most Complete List of Job Titles for Salespeople | Sales Titles

The World's Most Complete List of Job Titles for Salespeople | Sales Titles

Lots of companies seem to struggle with job titles for their salespeople.

For some reason, many seem leery of our favored, simple descriptor: “sales professional.” In a few circles people go to even greater lengths to hide their real function behind an innocuous name (think “real estate agent.”)

So I set out to create a list of every euphemism I could think of.

Sales Titles - If you’ve got one of these titles, there’s a pretty good chance you’re a sales professional…

  • Account Achievement Visionary
  • Account Associate
  • Account Consultant
  • Account Executive
  • Account Growth Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Account Representative
  • Account Specialist
  • Business Developer
  • Business Development Specialist
  • Client Advisor
  • Client Engagement Specialist
  • Client Growth Specialist
  • Client Success Consultant
  • Client Success Manager
  • Closer (LOL!)
  • Customer Engagement Representative
  • Director of Sales
  • Estimator
  • In-Home Consultant
  • No Title At All
  • Producer
  • Relationship Manager
  • Results Achievement Specialist
  • Results-Getter
  • Sales Consultant
  • Sales Director
  • Sales Engineer
  • Sales Professional
  • Sales Representative
  • Salesman
  • Salesperson
  • Telemarketer

Here are a few I’ve heard but wish I hadn’t…

  • Merchant [admirable in the 19th century]
  • Clerk [too close to a vending machine]
  • Dealer [smoke and mirrors]
  • Peddler [where’s the bike?]
  • Hawker [that just sounds disgusting]
  • Hustler

It’s tough for salespeople to take the profession they’re in seriously if they’re afraid of the sales title that goes along with it. More important, using a pseudonym to cover the real purpose of a role sends a subtle message to a prospective buyer that you have something to hide.

Most B2B buyers in today’s marketplace know that “Business Development Professional,” “Relationship Manager,” or “Account Executive” all translate into “Salesperson.” So, for those interested in downplaying the obvious, this isn’t a tactic that is going to go very far.

Why Try to Cover Up Your Role as a Sales Professional?

Many looking for an alternative title to “salesperson” are actually looking for a way to position themselves (or their team of salespeople) more favorably with prospects and clients.

Adding a different title to your business card isn’t going to go very far in that regard.

If you want you and your company to be more trusted and valued by prospects and clients, you must shift your focus from yourself (and your quota) to your customer—and their wants and needs.

Gain Trust and Improve Your Positioning with a Consultative Selling Process

Worry less about the job title on your business card, and let your actions build credibility for you and your company by doing things like:

  • Upgrading your strategic questioning skills
  • Becoming a strategic advisor, not an interruptive product-pusher
  • Identifying highly-qualified prospects; asking to meet with them in a professional, respectful and valuable way; and helping them understand how your advice, products and services will be beneficial to achieving their business goals
  • Recommending solutions that may (or may not) include your offerings
  • Following up with prospects and customers and ensuring quality customer service
  • Staying on top of industry trends and sharing these with your customers and prospects

Successful selling isn’t about using gimmicks or persuading a prospect to purchase something they don’t need. It’s about using a consultative approach to identify their challenges, and uncovering their wants and needs in order to recommend an appropriate solution.

IMPACT Selling is a straightforward, buyer-focused sales process that allows salespeople to confidently guide their prospects and customers through to the close.

The system, used for over 40 years by thousands of sales teams around the world, begins before a salesperson ever makes contact with a prospect—setting them up for success during every interaction.

IMPACT is easy to learn and apply, and is now available in an online platform. IMPACT-U® online sales training teaches sales professionals the IMPACT Selling process in an interactive and gamified format. Learn more and request a free demo of the system today!


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