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Types of Sales Questions

I have been thinking a lot about sales questions lately. Here at The Brooks Group, we teach salespeople how to use nine, different types of sales questions.

Here they are:

  1. Problem-Resolution Questions.
  2. Agitation Questions.
  3. Solution- and Feeling-Based Questions.
  4. Needs-Based Questions.
  5. Feature-Benefit Questions.
  6. Objection-Testing Questions.
  7. Yes/No Questions.
  8. Level-1, -2, and -3 Questions.
  9. Silver Bullet Questions.

Of course, virtually anyone can learn a string of questions. That's the science of sales. The art? How to deploy them in a way that allows two things to occur simultaneously:

  • Your prospect or customer provides you information and feels as though they're in control.
  • You obtain information while actually maintaining control of the buying process.

The success of the IMPACT Selling System lies in its ability to allow prospects to feel like they're leading the process (this is especially important in today's selling environment where customers have more information then ever before) while, at the same time, allowing the salesperson to move the sales interaction forward, toward a conclusion.

Learn how to capitalize on questions in order to move a sales interaction forward by implementing the IMPACT Selling System.