Three Powerful Words in Sales

Written by: Josh Winters

I was speaking to a salesperson the other day and was asked if there are any specific power words to use in selling. While there are many words that work from a sales and marketing perspective, I have found that there are three words that — when used properly — carry tremendous influence, no matter what the situation, regardless of the industry and irrespective of the type of person you are meeting with. They are:

1. Because

This is probably the most powerful word you can use. From an early age, we have been programmed to accept this triggering word “because”. Remember when you asked your parents why you couldn’t do a certain thing and they responded “because I said so.” Not the best answer, but we learn to accept it. The same is true as adults.

There has been direct research demonstrating this word alone is powerful enough to cause people to allow you an appointment, maintain your price and successfully negotiate. One study showed that people were willing to allow others to cut in line in front of them to make copies with the statement “I need to cut in line because I need to make some copies.”

2. Recommend

This word is great for presenting your solution, but it can be used in many different areas depending on the situation.

In my own sales consultations I often say, “based on what you told me, I recommend…” or “I recommend we set up a time next week to review our solution.”

Whatever the situation, the word recommend positions you properly and allows you to be viewed as an expert endorsing valuable solutions, as opposed to just a product-pushing salesperson.

3. Instantly

When applied conservatively and accurately, the word instantly is excellent to use in your sales letters, marketing collateral, during a presentation or any other area that is appropriate.

The reason it works is because we live in a society which, to some extent, has conditioned many people to expect immediate results. We have microwaves, fast food, video-on-demand, drive thru oil change facilities, and up until recently, easy credit.

We all expect instant gratification instead of waiting for long-term results or gain. Prospects and customers want to solve their problems instantly.

I think we must always pay attention to the words we use and seek to understand why certain words work or do not work in the context of our day-to-day selling. I sincerely believe these words will help any salesperson sell more and secure more appointments.

Written By

Josh Winters

Josh Winters is a Group Vice President/Director of Sales at The Brooks Group, where he serves as the first point-of-contact for organizational stakeholders looking to improve their teams’ sales effectiveness and overall talent management.

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