Is the Sales Team Feelin’ the Love? [Infographic]

The view of the sales team as a necessary evil, an interruption, and "cowboys" making promises that client fulfillment can't deliver on is a seriously dangerous dynamic.

Aside from a contentious relationship and the ensuing drama between departments is that the sales team - the lifeblood of an organization - feels unsupported and has little confidence that the organization as a whole supports them.

Our research revealed some pretty eye-opening stats.

Is the Sales Team Feelin’ the Love?


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How to Align Sales & the Rest of the Organization to Drive More Revenue

We just finished an eye-opening research study which revealed that 47% of salespeople do not have confidence that the sales department is respected by other departments inside of the company. The fundamental truth is this: sales believes that the rest of the company wouldn’t have jobs if not for them… and the rest of the company feels sales wouldn’t have a job without them.


Will Brooks

As Chief Operating Officer of The Brooks Group, Will draws on his leadership, marketing, sales, sales management and operational experience to help develop and execute the company’s overall growth strategy. Drawing from over 15 years of experience in the training and development industry, Will combines his deep institutional knowledge and client experience to optimize operations at The Brooks Group.

Published on May 15, 2014

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