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Pros v. Cons of the Sales Profession

Sales can be a great career. But, like anything, there are benefits and drawbacks. If you're considering a career in sales, maybe this will be a good place to start. I hope the list will grow over time.

Let's help future salespeople weigh the good, the bad, and the ugly by adding to this list of pros and cons of the sales profession in the comments section!


  • Flexibility
  • Potentially unlimited income
  • Customer interaction
  • Meet many different people
  • Relative level of control over your destiny
  • Transferrable skills
  • Opportunity everywhere
  • Potential for entertaining interactions (potential customers can throw curve balls...)


  • Irregular income
  • Demanding expectations
  • Unpredictable schedule
  • Constant pressure to find the next opportunity
  • Moving from "hero to zero"

Again, help future salespeople by adding to this list in the comments section. Thanks!