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IMPACT Sales Training

The IMPACT program was packed with useful information. Regardless of your field of expertise, you can apply the IMPACT principles to any business. Our instructor made the information easy to understand and made sure everyone in the class was involved in the learning process.

David Eidson, Regional Sales Manager, K-Flex USA

I was looking for a repeatable process. The content of the workshop provided me with exactly what I needed.

Patrick Bingham, Mortgage Specialist, Prime Fidelity Development

IMPACT really gives a sales rep something to work through rather than just winging it during a sales call. These steps, if done correctly, can give a salesperson a great opportunity at a sale.

Alex Bradley, Regional Sales Representative, ET Products

This was the best training I had ever had. I went from one of the best salesmen in my industry to the best. My average income, after taking the course went from $140,000.00 a year to $280,000.00. So much so that the company that sent me and I got into a dispute about cutting my rate per that I left.

J Kelly Cates, VP of Tennessee Operations and Sales, Diamond Equipment

Simple and easy to remember sales process that can work in any industry or selling environment.

Bob Luckenbaugh, Director of Sales, Techno-Bloc

This program is a game changer! We needed this 10 years ago.

Steve Earley, District Parts Manager, Volvo Trucks

I recommend this to any sales department in order to bring their staff to the next level.

Mohamad Malkawi, Regional Director, Testek

Best sales training I have taken in 15 years!

Leslie Churchill, Branch Manager, Chandler

The entire process -- from customizing our training collateral, to scheduling, to the facilitated classes -- was smooth and efficient. The facilitator’s style was very appropriate for our diverse group and I liked how he blended the content with tactical coaching tips...I was very impressed at how easily they were able to weave in content specific to our healthcare field. Well done!

Paula Bickley, Vice President, Biologics, Inc.


Best training I have been through in 30 years with over 20+ sales training courses.

Ted Nulliner, Sales Director, Pace International

Sales Management Training

The training was much needed and much appreciated. I learned a lot about myself, my management style and what is expected. I came home with a bunch of material to study, a bunch of ideas and a whole lot of extra motivation.

Don Ganley, Regional Sales Manager, Benefit Mall

One will receive significant insight into their colleagues and sales team's traits including motivators, tendencies and thinking. Armed with that information, and the additional knowledge and skills in the curriculum, one will be a better manager, coach, and leader.

West Huddleston, VP Business Development/GM, Alcohol Monitoring Systems

The Brooks Group’s sales management training focuses on how to work with people, understanding "what's under the hood"-- people's motivators and behaviors, and knowing yourself and how best to interact with others

Barry Phillips, Sales Manager, Tindall Corporation

Strong. Great for someone who is new to the industry. Great reminders for those who are not. Very good systems and solutions to follow and implement. I was extremely impressed with the amount of training and support staff present—big time over deliver! Brooks clearly cares about the results delivered.

Jim Padilla, Owner/CEO, Gain the Edge

The playbook for sales management.

Joe Britt, Vice President, Heat Transfer of the Carolinas, Inc.


Informative, eye-opening and thorough. The course is intended for the sales process, however it’s highly applicable to other facets and perspectives within communications and organizations.

John Piatkowski, Strategic Account Manager, NSK Corporation, Inc.

Brooks Talent Index Sales Assessments

Since we started using the assessments, our sales for the whole organization have been climbing… we're seeing a better attitude throughout the organization, we're seeing growth in our sales efforts.

Lane Schiffman, Owner and VP of Sales/Marketing, Schiffman's Jewelers

I highly recommend assessments from The Brooks Group. The more you understand a person, the easier it will be to help them be successful and to fit in with the group. You can avoid a lot of hiring mistakes by seeing clearly if someone is a good fit and will work well with the rest of the team. I’ve probably read 150 of these—they’re never wrong.

Virginia Masson, Manager of Sales and Organizational Development, Idemitsu Lubricants America

The Brooks Group’s sales assessments have been a fantastic addition to our talent management toolkit. They have helped us identify, hire, and retain salespeople and sales managers that are a much better fit for our culture. The cool thing about the assessment system is that it’s not just a hiring tool. It also provides us with powerful info that helps our managers coach and mentor reps by providing insights into how to use the motivators, personal skills, and behaviors the reps bring to the job to help them be more successful.

Marty Tanner, Director of Sales Training, HCR ManorCare

Great insight to where strengths are as well as where one can improve. A very self-aware assessment. I’m looking forward to using what I learned in my management role.

Dawn Marie, Swarovski