Case Study:


DXP Enterprises, Inc

$1.5 Billion Industrial Distribution Company Uses IMPACT Selling® to Align Merged Sales Teams Under a Single Selling Methodology

DXP Enterprises, Inc. is a 1.5-billion-dollar industrial distribution company that provides products and services primarily to the oil and gas industry. Rapid growth and multiple acquisitions resulted in a 300+ person sales team that had no common sales process or language. DXP implemented The Brooks Group’s sales training and talent management assessment tools to establish a culture of hiring excellence along with alignment around a streamlined and highly effective sales process.


DXP turned to The Brooks Group for a sales training solution that would provide them with:

  • A concrete and commonsense sales process that would unify combined sales teams with a shared language
  • Full integration of talent development assessments into the sales training and sales coaching process
  • A versatile sales methodology that could be easily applied to a wide range of products and selling situations
  • A coaching program that integrated a leader-led platform with a way to measure participation from the sales team
  • Licensed content that could be seamlessly integrated into the training department’s infrastructure on an ongoing basis


Discover and Design:

Consultants from The Brooks Group spent time on-site observing the day-to-day activities and talking with DXP sales team members to thoroughly understand the sales team’s environment and existing culture. Results from the field observations, interviews, and additional research were used as a baseline for designing the customized training curriculum.

Deliver and Reinforce:

The Brooks Group delivered an intensive, 2-day training that involved role plays, practice scenarios and group exercises. 3–4 months after program completion, licensed content from The Brooks Group was used to facilitate an IMPACT booster session.

Following the 2-day instructor-led training program, the sales team attended a 9-session leader-led coaching program in order to bolster the reinforcement efforts. Modifications in the program were made to reflect specific nuances within the DXP sales culture.

Individual Team Member Assessments (Ongoing):

DXP assessed sales team members using The Brooks Group’s Brooks Talent Index assessment tool and the 4-dimensional results were incorporated into the training and reinforcement process. Assessments are being used on an ongoing basis to identify the right candidates, as well as to aid in the coaching and training process of these individuals post-hire.


The Brooks Group’s IMPACT Selling® methodology has been installed across DXP’s entire sales organization and salespeople and sales managers are aligned under one process. Coaching conversations are more effective and efficient, and sellers have clearer direction through the sales process. Easy to adapt and apply, the sales process proves enormously effective in the wide range of selling applications necessary for the 1/2 million items DXP offers its clients.

Sales managers continue to use Brooks Talent Index assessment results to provide targeted coaching and reinforcement to individual reps to ensure shorter time-to-productivity and real-time coaching and correction. Assessments and sales training are now formally integrated into the new hire selection and onboarding process.

The IMPACT Selling® philosophy is a core component of the company’s sales culture, and is central to the internal training department’s sales training curriculum. Internal trainers have been IMPACT certified and continue to provide internal subject matter expertise around the coaching and development of reps.

Every new hire receives an initial IMPACT training followed by periodic refresher courses and ongoing reinforcement. Conversations between sales reps and managers involve a common language and the overall quality of the sales organization has dramatically improved with the introduction of the IMPACT Selling® System.

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