Case Study:


Idemitsu Lubricants America

A global leader in Lubricants manufacturing strengthens selling skills of technical salespeople and uses Brooks Talent Index assessments to build a culture of development

This case study captures key issues and results for Idemitsu Lubricants America (ILA), and its implementation of the IMPACT Selling® methodology and Brooks Talent Index assessments. Idemitsu engaged The Brooks Group to deliver sales training that would help their technical experts strengthen their consultative selling skills. They found IMPACT to be so effective that each new sales hire now completes training, and Brooks Talent Index assessments are heavily integrated into Idemitsu’s talent management strategy.


Idemitsu Lubricants America (ILA), one of the top 10 lubricant manufacturers globally, was looking for a sales training solution to establish unity and a common sales language among managers and sellers. Virginia Masson, Manager of Sales and Organizational Development and Administration, realized Idemitsu’s salespeople had plenty of technical knowledge, but needed more sales skills in order to be effective. She turned to The Brooks Group.

Idemitsu was in need of a sales training solution that would:

  • Instill a common sales process to unify the sales team and get everyone speaking a common language
  • Enable technical experts to have strategic business conversations with clients and prospects
  • Equip sales managers with the skills and tools necessary to coach sales reps based on their individual learning and behavior styles
  • Establish a culture of development within the organization to empower sales employees to continually improve their skills



Virginia immediately recognized the power of the IMPACT Selling® process as she witnessed a sales representative from The Brooks Group using it with her during early conversations. A customized sales training program was successfully designed and delivered for Idemitsu’s team, and it was during this initial training that Virginia was introduced to Brooks Talent Index assessments—and was blown away. She put the tool into action by adjusting her own communication style with team members, and according to Virginia, “it worked like a charm.”

Right away, Idemitsu began using the assessment to help identify and hire the most effective sales talent. The organization quickly realized the strength of the tool, which is now used to assess candidates across multiple departments.



IMPACT sales training brought process and organization to the sales team, who can now have efficient conversations about opportunities and work together as a unit, instead of as individuals. Salespeople are having more strategic business conversations with clients and prospects, and sales managers are better equipped to coach and develop their people.

All new sales employees go through IMPACT training, and Brooks Talent Index assessments are heavily integrated into Idemitsu’s talent management strategy. The results are routinely used for hiring, training, onboarding, and succession planning. They’ve been especially helpful in managing millennials, but for all employees, the assessment results allow managers to tailor coaching to motivate and inspire each individual.

Virginia’s completion of the Brooks Talent Index Certification course has taken Idemitsu’s talent management to the next level. Understanding the tool on a deeper level has allowed her to help managers improve team dynamics, understand the importance of soft skills, and design the appropriate development path for each associate.

Idemitsu is now in the process of using assessment results to design future training programs for Idemitsu University and further develop gap areas for employees.

Client Testimonial

“I highly recommend Brooks Talent Index assessments. The more you understand a person, the easier it will be to help them be successful and to fit in with the group. You can avoid a lot of hiring mistakes by seeing clearly if someone is a good fit and will work well with the rest of the team. I’ve probably read 150 of these—they’re never wrong”

—Virginia Masson – Manager of Sales and Organizational Development and Administration ​

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