The IMPACT Sales Coaching System

Achieve maximum ROI on your sales training initiative with industry-leading reinforcement tools coupled with a detailed coaching plan


Why Choose the IMPACT Sales Coaching System?

The IMPACT Sales Coaching System is an 8-week sales training reinforcement program used to further improve your team’s sales effectiveness.

The coaching system helps to ensure sales professionals are truly understanding and implementing newly learned skills with clients and prospects.

Through the interactive coaching program, participants have the opportunity to apply key concepts while being guided by an expert sales coach and their fellow team members.

The Brooks Group’s training and sales coaching training programs are proven to boost sales success rates that translate to bottom line results for your business.

Participants performing at 75-110% of quota
Percentages of training

Sales Coaching Training Programs That are Fun and Effective

According to research from Aberdeen, Best-in-Class companies are 15% more likely than others to follow-up sales training with reinforcement.

Ongoing training and reinforcement is necessary for lasting sales performance improvement, but your reinforcement methodology needs to be convenient and engaging to be effective!

The IMPACT Sales Coaching System moves past boring skill drills and lectures and engages sales reps with the following benefits:


A web-based Learning Management System that puts the sales coaching training program right at your team’s fingertips


Team and individual point systems add elements of gaming and competition between participants

    Interactive Format

    Learning through hands-on activities keeps your sales reps engaged during the reinforcement

      Meet Our Team of World-Class Coaching Professionals

      The Brooks Group’s sales training reinforcement programs are led by expert coaches with real sales experience. Your reps will stay engaged during the interactive coaching program and will gain the confidence needed to achieve ongoing sales success.

      Dan Agne
      Lisa Freeman
      Leslie Green
      Julie Gothard
      Lisa Rehurek
      Lisa Rehurek

      IMPACT Sales Coaching System Agenda

      SESSION 1


      Program Benefits

      • Review how to qualify an opportunity
      • Identify current opportunities to apply new skills
      • Identify measurable goals
      SESSION 2


      • Set meeting objectives
      • Create a meeting agenda
      • Plan open-ended questions
      SESSION 3


      • Create Statement of Intention
      • Review behavior style tip cards
      • Apply communication tips with the opportunity
      SESSION 4


      • Prepare questions for the meeting
      • Implement 3-deep questioning strategy
      • Review buyer responses
      SESSION 5


      • Review the Building Value formula
      • Evaluate recommendation to buyer
      • Plan feedback questions
      SESSION 6


      • Explore potential objections and responses
      • Identify proof for claims
      • Determine best examples of proof for each behavior style
      SESSION 7


      • Review challenges related to closing
      • Ask for the business
      • Strategize on account management techniques post-sale
      SESSION 8


      • Record results from initial goals
      • Identify areas in which progress has been made
      • Determine strategies for moving forward
      “Dan really did a great job advising me. I constructed the email, sent it off to the prospect—it was a little bit more pushy than I normally do, but I think that was beneficial—and they responded saying, ‘yep, we’re going to go with you guys. Send us a contract and we’re going to sign it.’ And now we’re working with them, and it’s been really great.”

      Sales Coaching Programs

      Heather Benik

      Southwest US Sales Manager, Pace International LLC

      Take a Look at Our Industry-Leading Reinforcement Tools

      Brooks Academy LMS Platform

      Brooks Academy LMS Platform

      A web-based Learning Management System that puts the coaching reinforcement program at your team’s fingertips.

      Your sales team can easily access articles, quizzes, and agenda items for future sessions. Tracking tools ensure each salesperson is gaining mastery of key concepts.

      Interactive Gaming App

      Interactive Gaming App

      Who says sales enablement tools can’t be fun? Gaming tools that can be accessed by mobile devices insert excitement, active learning, and a level of competition that’s proven to encourage participation.

      Breakout Groups

      Breakout Groups

      Your team will reinforce the IMPACT sales process and methodology as a full group, with opportunities to participate in smaller breakout sessions. This strategy promotes team building, encourages collaboration, and helps improve presentation skills.



      Annotation capabilities allow the coach to gain perspective from all participants simultaneously without slowing down the pace of the class. Additionally, the coach can identify popular responses to dive deeper into discussions.



      An interactive tool that increases engagement and allows questions to be asked without disrupting the pace of the coaching program.



      Polls allow managers and coaches to gauge a group’s understanding of the content being covered, identify consensus across the participants, and pinpoint concepts to be discussed further.

      “The coaching sessions were an absolute hit and worked extremely well for staff that worked remotely or frequently travel. Not only did the IMPACT coaching sessions help reinforce what the team learned in the classroom, they built a level of camaraderie, competitiveness, and story sharing that helps them in executing the core fundamentals of IMPACT.”

      Sales Coaching Training Programs

      Jeremy Bockelman

      Director, Senior Business Advisor at Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Who is the IMPACT Sales Coaching System intended for?

      The IMPACT Sales Coaching System is a training reinforcement program designed for sales reps who have been trained in IMPACT Selling, or any of The Brooks Group’s advanced training courses. The program includes 8 weekly sessions virtually led by an expert sales coach, and begins after a 2-day sales training program has been completed.

      How many participants are in each reinforcement group?

      The LMS system used in the coaching and reinforcement program seats 12 virtual participants. Clients with larger sales teams will have team members broken into groups of 12 or fewer to ensure each salesperson receives the coaching attention needed to achieve maximum sales performance post-training.

      What makes a good sales training reinforcement strategy?

      To ensure that new skills are being applied with prospects and customers after training, a reinforcement strategy must take a hands-on approach. Adult learning research shows that experiential learning is key for new skills to become habit. The IMPACT Sales Coaching System allows sales reps to take what they’ve learned in the classroom and apply it with real opportunities—while under the guidance of an expert sales coach. This methodology gives sellers confidence and solidifies the training into their everyday routine.

      How does the system help define and measure success?

      The IMPACT Sales Coaching System gives sales managers and stakeholders insight into how each participant is progressing. Participation is tracked, along with quiz scores and homework assignments, so more attention can be given to challenge areas and an ongoing coaching plan can be identified.

      In addition, The Brooks Group issues an ROI survey after the 8-week coaching program is complete to identify various success markers, including:

      • Additional sales that participants attribute to the training
      • Increase in sales volume
      • Change in average sale amount
      • Performance to quota
      • Length of sales cycle
      • And more

      Still have questions? A sales effectiveness expert from The Brooks Group has the answers.