Sales Training Programs

Achieve Sustainable Sales Performance Lift with Sales Training Designed for Your Unique Needs

The strength of your sales force will ultimately determine the success of your organization.

For over 40 years The Brooks Group has partnered with sales organizations around the globe—helping them to hire, train, coach, and develop salespeople and sales managers to reach maximum performance levels.

Our sales enablement philosophy is straightforward: lay the foundation, align the organization with a sales focus, and continue to develop mastery.

We’ll work with you during training to determine where your team is today and design the sales training solutions that will enable you to meet and exceed your revenue growth goals.

Explore our Core Training Curriculum Catalog below and request more information for details on a specific program, and how it can help improve your team’s selling performance.

Lay a strong sales foundation and continue to develop mastery with the following sales training solutions

Maximum Impact Sales Enablement

IMPACT Selling®

Our flagship 6-step sales process will give your salespeople the foundational selling skills to close more deals, more often.

IMPACT for Customer Service

Designed to give your customer service team the skills needed to delight customers, grow customer loyalty, and turn excellent service into your competitive advantage.

IIMPACT Selling® for the Complex Marketplace

Reps will learn to navigate the complex sale with multiple layers of decision makers—ensuring they have a place at the table when buying decisions are made or RFPs are written.

IMPACT Digital

A set of seven, 30-minute self-paced digital learning modules which cover the core content from our IMPACT Selling Skills training. This solution is ideal for organizations to train a mass of salespeople quickly on a core process or to catch up a few who may have missed scheduled live events.

IMPACT for Marketing

Align your sales and marketing teams with a common process – ensuring that marketing material matches each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Sales Negotiation Training

Your sales team will learn a strategy to use with buyers during the decision-making process to communicate value and hold firm on price.

IMPACT Selling Virtual Training

A 9-week virtual course led in real time by an instructor, teaching participants the IMPACT sales process and how to apply it with real accounts.

Virtual Brooks Talent Index Certification

An interactive 5-week course that teaches participants to interpret Brooks Talent Index assessment results on their own to further streamline the hiring process and reduce sales rep turnover.

Sales Territory Planning Workshop

Salespeople will develop step-by-step plans for each of their business segments that they can then execute, track, and measure for success.

IMPACT Channel Sales Training

Deliver an OEM sponsored channel sales training program to influence the performance of dealer sales professionals.

Sales Management Training

Our 8-step consultative sales management training will focus on the key issues that sales leaders face every day and help them master the art of sales coaching.

Strategic Account Management

Participants will learn a highly-practical system for developing each of their key accounts in ways that will strengthen the client relationship—and drive additional sales revenue for your company.

Selling to Different Personality Types

Participants will learn to quickly recognize a buyer’s personality type and adapt their selling approach to match—increasing the likelihood of selling success.

Coaching to IMPACT – Sales

In this one-day workshop, sales managers gain tools to coach and reinforce IMPACT Selling skills with their team on a consistent and an ongoing basis.

Prospecting Skills

Salespeople will develop the skills to master lead generation by connecting with qualified buyers and managing their time efficiently.

Coaching to IMPACT – Customer Service

In this one-day workshop, sales managers gain tools to coach and reinforce customer service skills with their team on a consistent and an ongoing basis.

IMPACT Summit Challenge

Salespeople will develop the skills to master lead generation by connecting with qualified buyers and managing their time efficiently.

Not Sure Which Training Solution is Best For Your Team?

Incorporate the following into a blended approach that’s perfect for your team:

Live Classroom Training

Live Classroom Training

Engaging, live sales training led by our expert sales effectiveness facilitators.


IMPACT Digital

Interactive and self-paced online sales training—available when and where you need it.

Coach the Coach

The Brooks Group Coaching

Through the interactive coaching program, participants have the opportunity to apply key concepts while being guided by an expert sales coach and their fellow team members.



Our subscription-based, interactive digital library that personalizes the sales skill learning, practice, and application of every sales team.

Sustainable Sales Performance Improvement Depends on 3 Key Anchors:

Hiring Assessments

Find and hire top performing sales professionals and develop them to their full potential with a “whole person” assessment. Brooks Talent Index looks beyond industry experience to identify talent matched for the sales role, and give sales managers a guide for coaching in the most effective way.

Customized Virtual Sales Training

Moving the sales force off status quo requires buy-in from all levels. Customized sales training programs incorporate industry challenges and terminology and allow participants to see the immediate value of the experience – and implement new skills right away.

Program Reinforcement

Successful sales management training programs must be met with consistent coaching and reinforcement in order for the results to stick and produce long-term results. Our reinforcement programs solidify the training, and ensure that no sales rep reverts back to old behaviors.

Coaching and Reinforcement to Increase ROI

According to research from Aberdeen, Best-in-Class companies are 15% more likely than others to follow-up sales training with reinforcement.

Give your sales training program the best chance of success by solidifying it with the following two components.

Coaching and Reinforcement Program

The Brooks Group’s reinforcement methodology involves weekly coaching sessions post-training and incorporates game mechanics, just-in-time learning, and an interactive format to keep sales reps engaged.

Sales Management Training

Sales managers must coach on a consistent and ongoing basis to keep selling skills alive on your team. Sales management training will give your managers the skills and tools to coach each rep in the most effective way.

The Brooks Group’s training and reinforcement programs are proven to boost sales success rates that translate to bottom line results for your business.

Participants performing at 75-110% of quota
Participants performing at 75-110% of quota
winning up to 10 new accounts after applying new skills from training
Participants performing at 75-110% of quota
the training improved their sales performance in a quantifiable way
Participants performing at 75-110% of quota
using what they learned in their day-to-day activities after the training occurred

Making Sales Training Programs Come to Life with World-Class Facilitation

The Brooks Group’s training programs are led by expert sales trainers with real selling experience.

The certification process to become a facilitator for The Brooks Group is one of the most rigorous in the industry, and results in world-class delivery of your training material. High-quality instructor-led training will translate classroom curriculum into permanent behavior change once your reps are back on the job.

Participants performing at 75-110% of quota
The facilitator assigned to your account will work closely with your team to understand your short and long-term goals—and will serve as a partner in helping your organization reach them.

Client Testimonials

“Working with The Brooks Group has been an enjoyable experience from start to finish. I was impressed with how well the in-person IMPACT training went—my sales force was fully engaged for the entire two days. The program facilitator and coach not only worked to get my salespeople to adopt IMPACT, but got them to embrace it. The follow up coaching was the glue that made IMPACT stick, and not end up like most sales trainings that never get implemented or utilized once the training is over.”

sales training programs
Christopher Kleisner
Sales Manager, WPS Medicare Market Solutions
“Dan really did a great job advising me. I constructed the email, sent it off to the prospect—it was a little bit more pushy than I normally do, but I think that was beneficial—and they responded saying, ‘yep, we’re going to go with you guys. Send us a contract and we’re going to sign it.’ And now we’re working with them, and it’s been really great.”

training programs for sales
Heather Benik
Southwest US Sales Manager, Pace International LLC

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