Customized Sales Training That Drives Sales Results & Long-Term Culture Change

Real Customization, Done Right, in as Little as 3 Weeks


Real customization isn’t switching out a few slides to include a company logo, and it needs to go beyond simply updating the terminology. Our customized sales training process involves a thorough investigation that includes:

  • Shadowing your salespeople in the field, on real sales calls
  • Interviewing senior leadership, field managers, and salespeople
  • Reviewing key and target accounts
  • Benchmarking sales positions and conducting Brooks Talent Index assessments

Gain Buy-In From Your Sales Team by Speaking Their Language

Most competent salespeople already know fundamental sales principles. So when they’re facing the most common sales challenges in the field, it’s usually because they can’t make the transition from principle to application. The goal of customized sales training is to do that translation for them.

Our customized sales training translates fundamental sales principles into ready-to-use, swipe-and-deploy tools, language, and skills that your sales team can take directly from the classroom and use in the field.


How Customization Benefits a Training Initiative:

Buy-In From Reps

Sales reps who experience a program that mirrors their world will be quick to buy-into the training, comprehend the material, and remain committed.

Bridge the Learning Gap

A customized training program bridges the learning gap and allows reps to easily absorb the content and quickly implement what they have learned with their own accounts.

Integrate with Current Systems

Through the customization process, The Brooks Group ensures that the training will seamlessly integrate with your current systems and procedures—resulting in a smooth transition and the ability to focus on the IMPACT methodology to drive results.

Our customization process is used to adapt the IMPACT methodology to reflect the lived reality of your salesforce. It means that the exercises, conversations, and tactics provided in the training will be immediately applicable once the training is complete.

Hear from Kerr Corporation’s Group President Damien Macdonald as he discusses his organization’s collaboration with The Brooks Group.

Get Customization That’s Both Quick and Thorough

The Brooks Group has been delivering customized sales training for more than three decades, to over 50,000 sales professionals. That experience has resulted in a highly efficient discovery phase and customization process. 

Ride alongs, position benchmarking, executive consultations, and other elements of the discovery phase can be launched within 14 business days of program kick-off. From there, a fully-customized curriculum can be crafted by our expert team of designers within one week. 

Initial training for your salespeople and sales managers can occur within one month of kick-off, followed by strategic sales coaching and reinforcement programs that take place in month two. This reinforcement phase is critical to long-term adoption and is where measurable results begin to appear. 

In other words, if you need to confirm a measurable return on investment within 1-2 quarters, we can get that done. 

Customization vs. Off-the-Shelf Training

Customized Sales Training

For The Brooks Group, customized programs come standard–they’re always more effective than off-the-shelf training for creating a lasting shift within a sales force, and about 80% of our client engagements are customized.

Off-the-Shelf IMPACT Sales Training

Available upon client request, with cost savings that typically amount to 12%, or a few hundred dollars per trainee. When it comes to sales training, however, the cost savings you get with an off-the-shelf program will never outweigh the benefits provided through customization

The most expensive training you’ll ever do is training that soaks up your resources without delivering its intended results. For that reason, the Brooks Group always recommends customized programs as they are significantly more efficient in pushing the training from classroom to in-field use. Customized training that connects seamlessly to your environment offers more value in terms of ROI, especially when you’re dealing with the most common sale challenges facing the modern salesforce

“Adaptable process, customizable content and the integration of assessments into the training curriculum are the three keys to success for The Brooks Group’s value based selling program. The IMPACT Selling™ process is easy to understand and use, the coaching methodology is customizable for any sales manager, and the application of the in-depth assessments tells managers exactly how to coach each rep to sell better. Is there another sales development company with the depth of tools and the experience to deliver? I doubt it.”
—Curt Tueffert, VP of Sales Development, DXP Enterprises

Do You Really Need Customized Sales Training?


Sales Training

The Brooks Group Customized Sales Training

  • Classroom Delivery
    Without Customized Training…

    Off-the-shelf sales training doesn’t take into account the unique set of challenges that take place in any given selling environment. This results in lower engagement levels from attendees who don’t find the content immediately applicable.

    With Customized Training…

    Relevant, useful content captures the attention of attendees who realize the training will be immediately beneficial in their day-to-day lives. The training is met with interest, rather than resistance.

  • Comprehension
    Without Customized Training…

    The science of adult learning shows that comprehension is based on the relevance and usefulness of the content. That's why non‑customized sales training that doesn't match a salesperson's everyday reality gets lost in translation.

    With Customized Training…

    When learners can apply their previous experience to the content, their ability to comprehend and retain the information dramatically increases. That's why customized training from The Brooks Group gets real traction.

  • 24-Hour Retention
    Without Customized Training…

    After 24 hours, learners retain only 33% of new content. This rate can be improved by customizing the content‑making it more relevant and useful to the learners.

    With Customized Training…

    Relevant and useful training material combats the forgetting curve, meaning more of the training sticks with your team.

  • 3 Month Retention
    60% + 15%
    Without Customized Training…

    Standard online reinforcement improves retention of new information, but doesn't reinforce the actual application of new skills. That means knowledge doesn't get translated into the field.

    With Customized Training…

    Real time group sales coaching provides challenge‑based and socially reinforced training and coaching that strengthens understanding and gets your people applying new skills to their current prospects.

  • Applied
    Never Applied
    Not Coached to Use
    Without Customized Training…

    Learners experience a "knowing‑doing gap" when they don't receive regular training‑specific sales coaching from managers, and when the training is not integrated into daily activities like CRM.

    With Customized Training…

    Sales coaching that helps your team directly apply training to their current challenges, combined with the ability to thread training throughout your existing systems makes new skills and processes the "new normal".

  • In Use
    Unused Over Time
    Unused Over Time
    Without Customized Training…

    Over time, more training knowledge will continue to be lost if it's not made to be the "new normal" by coaching and integration into everyday systems and processes.

    With Customized Training…

    When sales training and sales management training have been operationalized to your unique environment, new skills and sales methods get hardwired into your organization‑allowing you to achieve genuine training sustainability.

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