The Brooks Group Philosophy

Over 40 years of improving sales performance for clients in a wide range of industries

The Brooks Group provides advanced sales training and sales management training programs that allow your salespeople to sell more effectively and your sales managers to coach and lead more successfully. At the core of every training program is The Brooks Group Philosophy and the solid, tested principles and tools of IMPACT Selling® – a system designed to increase selling effectiveness regardless of the product or service being sold. It can even be used in a recruiting capacity.

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Any industry can benefit from the principles of IMPACT Selling®️. We are industry leading and award winning program directors with multiple advanced options to fuel your success:

Maximum IMPACT Selling Enablement

We’ll help you achieve your short and long-term goals through the 3 phases of Maximum IMPACT Sales Enablement.

Taking the right approach to sales force enablement is something that can have a profound impact on the success of your sales organization. According to research from Demand Metric, 75% of companies surveyed report that having a sales enablement strategy makes a moderate or significant contribution to their achievement of revenue goals.

The Brooks Group understands that your sales organization is unique, and your sales enablement strategy should be as well. We partner with you to understand where you are today – and where you want to be in the future – to develop a learning path to sustained high sales performance.

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What Makes Us Different?

A holistic approach to sales culture development and performance improvement

Right now, you may be feeling some symptoms that have led you to research sales training for your organization. At The Brooks Group, we believe the best way to improve the symptoms you’re faced with today—and achieve sustainable sales performance improvement in the long-term—is to take an intentional, holistic approach.

We’re committed to helping your sales organization achieve success today, tomorrow, and into the future. To do that, we’ll partner with you to improve or develop your sales culture based on three proven pillars of success.

Our Change Management Process

Your 4-Dimensional Approach to Your Sales Training Initiative from Discovery to Ongoing Development

Sales training that gets results is more than just a one-time event. Adopting a management plan with long-term goals in mind will move your sales team beyond simply meeting the status quo. The Brooks Group takes a holistic approach to sales performance improvement. Our organizational change management process is designed to achieve sustainable results and client ROI.

With the right steps in place, learned skills and processes will quickly become the new normal for your team members—resulting in a permanent improvement of your organization’s sales culture.

IMPACT Selling

Why Customized Sales Training?

Get customized Sales Training to Drive Sustainable Sales Performance Improvement

Real customization isn’t switching out a few slides to include your company logo. At The Brooks Group, we take a thorough approach to customizing content—giving it the best chance of creating positive and lasting behavior change in your sales force.

Your organization’s people, selling environment, culture, and challenges are unique. Your training should be too.

Sustain Your Sales Training Initiative

Achieve Success Today, Tomorrow, and Into the Future with a Sustainable Sales Training Initiative

When we partner with you to improve your team’s sales effectiveness, we’re with you every step of the way. Sales training shouldn’t be a one-time event—it’s a set of steps that positively shifts sales culture and makes lasting changes in behavior. We’ll work with you to build a sustainability plan to help you achieve both your short and longer-term goals.

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IMPACT Selling

Gaining Early Buy-in from Your Sales Team

Improve engagement and ROI with a training program that your people believe in

For any sales training initiative to be successful, there must be buy-in from the top down. Everyone involved in the training needs to understand what the training is, and believe in the value it can bring. That includes top-level executives, sales leadership, and of course—salespeople.

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