Achieve Success Today, Tomorrow, and Into the Future with a Sustainable Sales Training Initiative

The highest ROI comes from sales training that sticks.

When we partner with you to improve your team’s sales effectiveness, we’re with you every step of the way. Sales training shouldn’t be a one-time event—it’s a set of steps that positively shifts sales culture and makes lasting changes in behavior. We’ll work with you to build a sustainability plan to help you achieve both your short and longer-term goals.

Sales Training That’s Designed to Bring You Lasting Performance Improvement

What makes our sales training unique and sustainable? We tailor it to be the perfect fit for your organization.

During our Discovery phase, we’ll determine the best approach for your unique situation and design a customized training program that suites your needs.

Incorporate the following into a blended approach that’s perfect for your team:

Live Classroom Training

Live Classroom Training

Engaging, live sales training led by our expert sales effectiveness facilitators.


IMPACT Digital

Interactive and self-paced online sales training—available when and where you need it.

Coach the Coach

The Brooks Group Coaching

Through the interactive coaching program, participants have the opportunity to apply key concepts while being guided by an expert sales coach and their fellow team members.



Our subscription-based, interactive digital library that personalizes the sales skill learning, practice, and application of every sales team.

“Our contact was outstanding as she guided us through this project from start to finish. She was involved, an excellent listener, and followed through on everything she promised. It was extremely helpful for her to come along to the training as it allowed her to gain valuable insight into our group, our company, and additional opportunities for further learning. Bringing her here enabled her to even tour our facilities and recommend additional resources that aligned with our deep commitment to culture. I’m pleased she took the time to be here with us throughout.”

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Ongoing Coaching and Reinforcement is the Catalyst for Sustainment

According to ASTD, US-based companies spend approximately $20 billion a year on sales training. Yet many sales organizations get low ROIs from their sales training initiatives.

Why is that?

Because most sales training initiatives lack the ongoing coaching and reinforcement needed to create lasting change.

Aberdeen found that only 44% of survey respondents provided post sales-training reinforcement—while Best-In-Class companies are much more likely to follow up with reinforcement.

The Brooks Group emphasizes sales coaching and reinforcement to ensure new skills and processes stay alive inside of your team on a permanent basis.

Benefits of Program Reinforcement:

Live Classroom Training
Improved knowledge retention
Live Classroom Training
Better communication and forecasting
Live Classroom Training
Long-term positive shifts in sales culture
Live Classroom Training
Easier application of new skills in the field (ROI)
Live Classroom Training
More efficient onboarding of new sales team members

Master the basics, and Continually Improve

Master the basics, and Continually Improve

Once your team has mastered the fundamentals of the IMPACT Selling® process, continue to improve their performance by layering on advanced selling skills and strategies.

We’ll work with your internal stakeholders to identify opportunities for growth and skill advancement.

The Brooks Group offers a selection of high-impact programs that can be customized to meet the needs of your organization and sales team.

The key to maximizing ROI is turning sales training into “a new way of doing business.” The Brooks Group can lead you down the path to that place.

We’re ready to partner with your sales organization and help set you up for success today, tomorrow, and into the future. Let’s start a conversation.