Customized Sales Training to Drive Sustainable Sales Performance Improvement

Maximize ROI with sales training that gets through to learners

Real customization isn’t switching out a few slides to include your company logo. At The Brooks Group, we take a thorough approach to customizing content—giving it the best chance of creating positive and lasting behavior change in your sales force.

Your organization’s people, selling environment, culture, and challenges are unique. Your training should be too.

Customized Sales Training

Customized vs Off-the-Shelf Sales Training

The most expensive training you’ll ever do is training that soaks up your resources without delivering its intended results. For that reason, the Brooks Group always recommends customized programs, as they are significantly more effective in translating classroom material to in-field use.

Every training initiative is approached with flexibility—we’ll work with you to determine the level of customization that is right for your organization’s needs.

How Customization Benefits a Training Initiative

Increased Buy-In from Sales Reps

Sales reps who experience a program that mirrors their world will be quick to buy into the training, comprehend the material, and remain committed.

Improved Application of New Skills in the Field

A customized training program bridges the gap between learning and doing, and allows reps to easily absorb the content and implement it with their own accounts.

Decreased Disruption to Daily Activity

Flexibly designed with your organization’s needs in mind, the training will seamlessly integrate with your current systems and procedures.

Our customization process is used to adapt the IMPACT methodology to reflect the lived reality of your salesforce. It means that the exercises, conversations, and tactics provided in the training will be immediately applicable once the training is complete.

Here’s What Your Unique Training is Built Around

We Take Into Account

  • Sales structure analysis
  • Unique marketplace challenges
  • Gaps in sales metrics
  • Current management process vs. ideal management process
  • Cultural values inside of sales force
  • Key business drivers and market segments
  • Quality of talent
  • Appropriate training methodology

How we Understand Your World

  • Sales ride-alongs and field observations
  • Account reviews
  • Personal Brooks Talent Index assessments
  • Sales force alignment audit
  • Customer interviews
  • Interviews with senior leadership, field managers, and salespeople

““Adaptable process, customizable content and the integration of assessments into the training curriculum are the three keys to success for The Brooks Group’s value based selling program. The IMPACT Selling™ process is easy to understand and use, the coaching methodology is customizable for any sales manager, and the application of the in-depth assessments tells managers exactly how to coach each rep to sell better. Is there another sales development company with the depth of tools and the experience to deliver? I doubt it.”
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Curt Tueffert
VP of Sales Development
DXP Enterprises

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