Manufacturing Sales Training

Increase Market Share and Boost Bottom-Line Revenue

Sales Challenges in the Manufacturing and Industrial Sales Industry

The manufacturing and industrial sales industry faces many challenges in today’s selling environment. An already overcrowded marketplace is becoming more and more competitive, leading to commoditization and well-informed buyers who seek out the lowest price.

As a manufacturer, the success of your business often lies in the hands of your dealer network and their sales representatives. An underperforming distribution network or manufacturer’s rep can prevent growth and cause your organization to lose precious market share. Providing your sales force or distributors with product training simply isn’t enough to help you achieve your revenue targets or company goals.

Manufacturing sales training

How Customized Training from The Brooks Group Can Help

The Brooks Group has extensive experience working with wholesale and manufacturing sales organizations to both enable sales reps on internal teams, and to create alignment between the OEM and dealer network. A customized sales training program will give your dealers access to tools that allow them to hire strong salespeople, and sales training solutions to help their sales force sell more effectively.

With the right sales training approach, a win-win scenario can be achieved: manufacturers increase market share and distributor networks win more business at higher margins.

Manufacturing Sales Training from The Brooks Group will Allow Your Sales Organization and Dealers to:

Become a Respected Partner and Advisor

trusted advisor

Your organization’s sales performance depends on how well your salespeople can position themselves as expert advisors. A consultative sales process helps reps establish trust and credibility and enhance your company’s reputation as a service provider.

Navigate Larger Buying Communities

trusted advisor

Today’s complex selling environment involves multiple decision makers and different levels of user participants. Your reps will learn to identify unique behavior styles, sharpen interpersonal skills, and adapt their approach to sell the way the buyer wants to buy.

Build Value in the Eyes of Your Prospects

trusted advisor

Selling intangible solutions requires expert value-building skills and the ability to convince buyers of an immediate need for your service. A buyer-focused sales process allows your reps to identify wants and needs and present value to your prospects and customers.

Brian Schmall, Account Sales Director, Amcor

“Thank you for a great session. The Brooks Group is clearly a leader in this area. I have been through at least 20 trainings and this is some of the best I’ve had in my entire career. It really hits the mark for me because of how modern and relevant the behavior and personality profile are and the practicality and ease of use of the tool. It helps both new hires and senior people transform their accounts and is going to make a huge impact on our sales teams and company performance.”

The Brooks Group has partnered with these industry-leading companies and more:

Mack Trucks Manufacturing
Amcor Manufacturing
CleaverBrooks Manufacturing
idemitsu manufacturing
Manufacturing Sales Training
Manufacturing Sales Training
Manufacturing Sales Training
Manufacturing Sales Training

Increased Sales Performance in Manufacturing Depends on 3 Key Anchors:

Hiring Assessments

The first step in a successful sales training initiative is making sure the right people are in place to do the job and grow your business. Brooks Talent Index assessments identify talent matched for the position, and give sales leadership a guide for coaching in the most effective way.

Customized Sales Training

IMPACT Selling® is a straightforward, memorable sales process that can be applied to a wide range of offerings. Training is customized to incorporate industry challenges and terminology and gives sellers the prospecting and business development skills needed to consult with opportunities, build value, and sell more at higher margins.

Program Reinforcement

Business development training courses must be met with consistent coaching and reinforcement from sales management in order for the results to stick and produce long-term success. Our reinforcement programs solidify the training, and ensure that reps don’t revert back to old habits.

OEM Gains $2.4 Million in Revenue by Providing IMPACT® Selling Training for Underperforming Dealer Network


Like many industrial OEMs, this company relied on distribution networks to sell its products and was facing an ever-changing, increasingly competitive marketplace with serious challenges.


bobcat case study

Read how 60% of the dealer reps started selling up to 3 additional units per month

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