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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Our company's product and sales approach are unique. How can your training solutions fit our needs?

The Brooks Group will do a deep dive into your unique sales environment in order to tailor a training program that accurately reflects your team makeup, marketplace, and challenges faced by your salespeople. We’ll work with you to uncover the sales enablement strategy that makes the most sense for achieving both your short and long-term goals.

We need to identify where our gaps are. Do you have tools to help us determine what our team actually needs before a training engagement?

Yes! The Brooks Group has both the tools and expertise to help you:

  • Define your team’s existing knowledge, skills, and capabilities
  • Identify how current organizational practices may help or hinder your sales effectiveness
  • Understand how industry and customer dynamics may impact your sales efforts

Using a combination of insight interviews, field observations, and personal and organizational assessments, our experts will work with you to determine your team’s true development needs – and ultimately, design the precise learning path to address those needs.

Is your training engaging? How do you deliver training?
Facilitators at The Brooks Group go through a rigorous screening and training process in order to maintain the highest level of quality for the training programs we deliver to clients. Our talented team of facilitators create an active learning atmosphere, whether it is virtual or in person, that engages and inspires participants to improve their performance.
How will our team retain the information they learn?

In much the same way that an average athlete can’t become best-in-class after a single workout, to become an unrivaled sales organization takes a commitment to continued learning, and constant practice and reinforcement of Olympian-level habits, among your team. We offer live coaching and digital reinforcement through our interactive digital library, BrooksUP.

We have a variety of sales roles on our team that fill different functions, but we want them all to speak the same language. Do you address that?

No matter the role, your sales team needs a common operating system to run at full efficiency.

If your salespeople aren’t following a standardized, buyer-focused sales process, they’re driving prospects away, wasting time, and losing out on profitable sales revenue. The Brooks Group teaches a proven process that can be adapted to your organization.

“IMPACT gives you the tools to develop yourself, develop your techniques, and I would highly recommend it.”


-Alexa Lott

HR Director, OBERD

“IMPACT has given me a language that allows me to share it with everyone else consistently in the same way.”


-Matt Ehrenstrom

Global Training Manager, KERR

What Your Leadership Team Cares Most About…

Training Your Team Without Disrupting Sales

Training your team has the potential to pull them away from actual selling and time is your most valuable resource. Learn how our program reinforces best practices without interruption.

A Scientific Approach to Fix Revenue Generation Now

Sales is as much an art as it is a science. Our sales research team and skilled educators apply an alternative approach to training that turns your reps into revenue-generating machines.

Retention And Implementation

Our spaced learning program is essential for virtual selling in the modern world. It is a long-term approach to sales training that we’ve been preaching and teaching since before the pandemic hit.

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