The Brooks Approach

The Brooks Approach brings a complete solution to your sales organization with effective training that provides return on your investment for years to come. When working with us, we provide your team with training, skill development and coaching, giving you an opportunity for growth not seen by other training programs.

Woven throughout the Brooks 360 approach is the use of assessments. Unlike traditional assessment programs that focus primarily on hiring, our suite of sales and non-sales assessments work to go further, ensuring that your team not only hires the right people but that teams are aligned and that their highest potential is unlocked.

From initial hiring assessments to coaching and reinforcement, we work to help you turn your organization into a highly efficient sales machine. And because every institution is structured differently, we customize these programs so that your team is well equipped for success.



Lay the foundation with selling fundamentals that immediately boost sales effectiveness, followed by reinforcement.

  • Discovery and Design

  • IMPACT Selling (sellers and managers)

  • Qstream for IMPACT

  • Assessments:

    • Self-awareness

    • Team diagnostic (how you work as a team)



Drive deeper integration with coaching for managers and sellers.

  • IMPACT Coaching Reinforcement for sellers

  • Coaching to IMPACT (managers)

  • Assessments:

    • Coaching

    • How different teams communicate with each other and improving that communication



Develop mastery with ongoing skill refreshers; sustain the culture through trainer certification.

  • SalesYear

  • IMPACT-U for Sellings

  • IMPACT Training Certification

  • Assessments:

    • Ongoing skills diagnostic

    • Hiring and selection

At The Brooks Group, we expect learning to be an unforgettable experience. Let’s start a conversation.