Unforgettable Training for Unforgettable Results

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When we partner with you to transform your sales results from the current state, to that of a world-class selling organization, our methodology makes these changes lasting, impactful – and, indeed, unforgettable.

However, did you know that when training is delivered in a one- or two-day “shotgun” approach, more than 80 percent of the material is all but forgotten within one week?

Retention – and implementation – should be not just expected but DEMANDED when working with a sales training partner. A true evolution to best-in-class sales performance requires a holistic, embedded – and ongoing – approach to learning, doing – and learning even more.


This is the essence of The Brooks Group’s Spaced Learning philosophy.

No longer is sales training about “hear and forget.” It’s about “present, practice, and process.” This long-term approach to training ensures that the new selling methodology becomes a part of your culture – not just for individual contributors, but at all layers of your sales management.

In much the same way that an average athlete can’t become best-in-class after a single workout, to become an unrivaled sales organization takes a commitment to continued learning, and constant practice and reinforcement of Olympian-level habits, among your team.

The heart of our Spaced Learning program is the Brooks Learning System, honed through more than 40 years of sales success insights. This system ensures mastery of the material through a “present-practice-process” methodology that employs a variety of techniques, including small group discussion, individual eLearning, and team problem brainstorming, to drive learning, mastery, and retention.

Through TBG’s virtual Spaced Learning programs, you’ll watch this process unfold through:

Weekly, brief, and compelling training programs that are fun and compelling
Real-world practice, employing the fundamentals learned during the weekly sessions
Dynamic incorporation of new key learnings based upon experiential feedback
True, lasting change with immediate benefits, faster improvements, and sustainable results.

At The Brooks Group, we expect learning to be an unforgettable experience. Let’s start a conversation.