Training that Doesn’t Disrupt Your Sales Rhythm.

Facilitated Training

Work in-person or virtually with one of our experienced training consultants. They’ll work with you to develop a “no-excuses” training program that fits your needs, time constraints, and geographical challenges.

Self-Paced Learning

We’ve packed our four decades of sales training successes into a suite of training materials that you can use at your own pace. Whether you wish to commit to continuous improvement, or just need a quick refresher, our self-paced tools are just the ticket!

Hybrid Learning

Tie it all together with a combination of our best-in-class facilitated training, along with self-paced learning tools that you can use to keep your sales training fresh, updated, and top-of-mind. Make an IMPACT on your sales professionals all year!

Time, arguably, is your most precious resource.

As a sales leader hoping to achieve revenue goals, develop new prospects, motivate your sales team — and still have a personal life, you need to manage your time wisely to maximize every waking hour.
That’s why here at The Brooks Group, we work around YOUR schedule. Many of our training, coaching, and development programs, workshops, and resources can be built around your sales rhythm, so you can keep your salespeople in the field — selling — while upskilling your team to work at their optimal best.

We present training and sustainment program options in a dynamic, compelling, and flexible manner, while minimizing the kinds of distractions that get sales pros off balance. You can opt for programs that require just a couple of hours per week, a live one- or two-day in-person session, or even a hybrid that combines elements of both.

Also, many of our programs are built around the real-world experiences of your sales team, so we can drill down and focus on the areas that need refinement and improvement.

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Time is on your side. The Brooks Group will help you make the most of every minute. Let’s start a conversation