We don’t just train sales professionals. We build revenue-generating machines.

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Anyone can create nifty questionnaires or slick looking workbooks and say they have a sales training program. Only The Brooks Group deploys real science and real insights to deliver training that works – validated by the most important measures to your organization – increased sales and increased revenue.

At The Brooks Group, we deliver insights relevant for today, powered by data and results collected by our team of researchers, and informed by more than four decades of experience in fueling sales success.

At our core lie four foundational beliefs that constitute our commitment to not just deliver sales training, but to partner with you to build a revenue-generating machine:


No training will be successful unless the training provider has a keen understanding of your people, their personalities, your marketplace, and your challenges. That’s why we begin our engagements by conducting assessments of your human resources, and by working with your executives to understand your business objectives. This allows us to customize and nuance your learning experience based upon what we’ve learned, and to apply adult learning theory to play the information back in a way that makes sense for you.


We change with you. Not only do we offer bespoke training that is custom tailored for your specific market and challenges, but we deliver this training on your terms. With the sudden shift to remote learning, we have tailored our approach — not simply by making our training available virtually, but developing a Virtual IMPACT Selling program that leverages best-in-class technology tools to deliver a training experience that is more relevant, more memorable, and, yes — more IMPACTful.


One-and-done is overdone. Today, successful sales training — of the kind that builds that revenue-generating machine we’ve discussed — requires an ongoing partnership focused on a consistent coaching experience. In addition to assessing your talent and delivering initial insights, we remain engaged with you on an ongoing basis to observe, adjust, and refine sales techniques based on actual results. 


One measure of a sales training company’s efficacy is engagements — and certainly, over more than 40 years, we’ve delivered thousands of sales training programs worldwide. But in that time, our insights have helped generate more than $250 million in additional revenue. That’s why satisfied clients continue to call upon us to train their new sales professionals or up skill their existing teams. 

There are lots of organizations that can deliver skills. Only The Brooks Group delivers demonstrated sales successes.

It’s possible you found us because we’re on the first page of search results. Or, perhaps you saw us on Selling Power magazine’s initial list of the 20 best sales organizations.

The Brooks Group is on the list, along with 19 other sales training resources that would all be worthy of consideration, and would all do a credible job of providing a training program for your sales professionals.

But, in today’s dynamic sales landscape, it’s no longer enough to rest on your laurels. You certainly cannot, given the extreme changes that you are likely encountering in your market.

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we put the science behind the action, to make sure you are getting lessons that are relevant for today – and tomorrow.

Let’s work together to foster skills development and improvement that you can deploy right now to succeed in a turbulent marketplace. Call us today.