Kathleen Donohue

Kathleen Donohue

Director of Sales Effectiveness

Industry Expertise and Experience

  • Telecommunications
  • Economic Development
  • IT
  • Software
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Food Retail
  • Co-ops
  • Media & Advertising
  • Financial and Insurance Services


Professional Certifications

  • IMPACT Selling®
  • Coaching Certification from Life Purpose Institute Inc., using the 7-step Model for Change
  • Certified Licensed Coach (CLC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

With more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience as a consistent top 1% performer, Kathleen brings purpose, focus, and clarity to key organizational areas including business development, operational systems, and sales success. By understanding the unique challenges of a company, Kathleen shifts processes that pull on the bottom line to implementing sustainable, winning strategies.

Kathleen brings a spirit of authenticity along with her business acumen. She especially enjoys the art of ‘discovery’ to learn more about the internal workings of an organization. This allows her to create a clear roadmap to catalyze a company’s success.

Continuous learning is a passion of Kathleen’s. She finds that teaching the mastery of selling or demonstrating how to move a client from one point to another in a systematic manner is a rewarding skill to facilitate and witness. If you’re a willing and coachable person, all methods can be improved upon, and new skills can be acquired.

In Kathleen’s private practice, she coaches and consults with entrepreneurs to help them grow and promote small economies in the Triad community. She teaches them how to create balance, build a thriving business, and accelerate growth.

Career and Education

Kathleen received her BA in Biology and Psychology frrom SUNY Buffalo State College.

Since 2000, she has worked in Account Executive leadership roles for Spectrum Enterprise, Net@Work, and Time Warner. Kathleen has directed sales and marketing for enCompass, an ERP solutions provider, and facilitated member engagement for the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce. A few noteworthy accomplishments in Kathleen’s career include:

  • One client relied heavily on its communication system for customer engagement. It was outdated and failing. She found a workable solution and saved them 5x the amount of revenue they were losing. The upgrade expanded customer reach; costs were recouped in one year.
  • With a keen eye for missed revenue opportunities, she helped a small business owner realign her focus while utilizing “evergreen” products she’d created, converting those products into recurring revenue.
  • She revamped a client’s prospecting framework from in-person to online, which included creating instructional videos. Her fee structure went up 20% and revenue increased because of the longer-term service package offer.

Key clients include American Kennel Club, Maaco, and Crown Automotive.

Interests and Hobbies

Kathleen loves being outdoors! Her favorite activities are Pilates, hiking, kayaking, swimming, and travel. To feed her creative soul, she enjoys gardening (veggies and flowers), cooking (particularly with simple fresh ingredients), and completing DIY home decorating projects.

Kathleen is also the Vice President on the Board of Directors for Deep Roots Market, where she has been a board member since 2014. And along with two colleagues, she co-hosted the Solo CEO Growth Summit to teach entrepreneurs how to grow and scale their businesses.

Kathleen’s blended family includes her husband Scott, his two children, her son, and his wife, along with their three children aka ‘the littles’ making her a ‘YaYa’ three times over! Kathleen makes sure to carve out quality adventures with them regularly!