Distribution Sales Training

Remove the Commodity Label and Empower Your Sales Reps to Start Commanding Premium Prices

Distribution Sales Training

The unfortunate reality of industrial distribution sales is that there’s a good chance what your sales reps are selling is perceived as a commodity. Between price pressure from competitors, and buyers who only seem focused on getting the best price, the likelihood of your sales team discounting and your organization experiencing shrinking margins is at a historic high.

The good news is that you can fight this reality (just as most successful industrial distributors already do) with salespeople who don’t cave to price pressure. Customized sales training will enable your team to differentiate, sell value, and command premium prices. Sales management training will show your sales managers how to coach effectively – ensuring that new habits stick and get applied in the field.

distribution sales training

build valueBuild Value

Incorporate a consultative sales process with your reps to build value and achieve trusted advisor status in the eyes of your customers

Avoid Price ObjectionsAvoid Price Objections

Provide your team with the knowledge and insight to avoid price objections altogether and fill the funnel with premium price buyers

make strategic decisionsBe More Strategic

Your sales reps will gain the ability to have strategic business conversations…instead of product-focused feature dumps


Differentiate from the sea of competitors and become the go-to vendor in your market

Chris Trevey

“An adaptable process and customizable content are keys to success for The Brooks Group’s value-based selling program. Is there another sales development company with the depth of tools and experience to deliver? I doubt it.”

$1.5 Billion Industrial Distribution Company Uses IMPACT Selling® to Align Sales Teams Under a Single Selling Methodology

This distribution company was undergoing multiple acquisitions. They were in need of a common sales process to apply to a wide range of products and to unify a 300+ person sales team with a shared language.

You must determine your competitive advantage and use it to differentiate your product, or you will be seen as selling a commodity.

Ready for your sales team to differentiate, sell value, and command premium prices? Let’s start a conversation.