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Stop sales turnover. Start hiring people that are naturally wired to succeed in your unique sales roles.

Different selling environments, brand positions, and company cultures all matter when it comes to finding a sales candidate that will perform. That’s why high turnover can happen despite hiring candidates that appear qualified on paper.

The perfect match for your sales position may have an impressive resume and interview skills, but more importantly, they have the personality, behavior style, and inborn motivators that are needed to thrive in your unique sales environment.

Sales Team Turnover

Identify Exactly What a Position Requires Before You Fill It

You can’t hire a high-performer until you know exactly what it takes to achieve high performance in that position. The Brooks Talent Index system determines the key competencies required for success in a specific role, and then uses that benchmark to evaluate candidates and identify the perfect match.

Hire smarter, and improve the team you already have by measuring your current salespeople against the ideal profile and targeting coaching to areas of weakness.

The Benchmarking Process:

  • Key stakeholders, managers, and anyone with expertise on the position determine what traits are needed for success in the role.
  • Candidates are assessed based on their personal skills, values and motivators, and behavior style. Reports for sales candidates will also include a selling skills index report.
  • A candidate’s assessment results are measured against the ideal sales profile, accurately predicting their ability to succeed in your organization.
  • Well-matched candidates are satisfied and engaged by their work, and will be naturally motivated to perform at high levels.

What Do Brooks Talent Index Users Say About Improved Talent Selection?

94% of clients have seen a reduction in turnover and time required to get new hires to productivity since implementing the Brooks Talent Index system.
100% would recommend Brooks Talent Index to anyone looking to hire better talent.

Trusted by Thousands of Clients, Including
TriMetrix Comparison Report

Brooks Talent Index goes beyond traditional behavioral assessments by combining the trusted and well known DISC assessment with reports that reveal a candidate’s motivators and competencies. This blend gives a full picture of a candidate and accurately predicts their success level in your specific position.

The Selling Skills Index is a fourth report that comes standard with every sales candidate that is assessed—making Brooks Talent Index the most competent assessment system for sales hiring. But the tool goes far beyond the sales department, with an objective benchmarking process that can evaluate any position and reduce turnover across your entire organization

Test Drive Brooks Talent Index: Receive a Hiring Consultation Today

If you have a hiring decision you need to make right now, there’s no better time to experience the power of the Brooks Talent Index system. A talent management specialist from The Brooks Group will consult with a hiring manager from your organization and provide the following information about any two candidates you’re considering:

  • Customized interview questions to ask each candidate, as well as tips to make the most of the interview process
  • Results from the assessments that reveal the values, motivators, and behavior style of each candidate
  • Tailored coaching points that each candidate will respond best to once they’re hired
  • Recommendations about which candidate is the best fit for your open position

If you have the time, we can benchmark your position for even more accurate results.

Leading Long-Term Care Provider Implements IMPACT Selling® Methodology and Brooks Talent Index Hiring Assessments to Generate an Additional $1,240,650 in Revenue

Make sure your next hiring decision is the right one with a hiring consultation from The Brooks Group