Sales Hiring Assessments

Over 40 years of improving sales performance for clients in a wide range of industries

The Brooks Group provides sales hiring assessments and sales management training programs that allow your salespeople to sell more effectively and your sales managers to coach and lead more successfully. At the core of every training program are the solid, tested principles and tools of IMPACT Selling® – a system designed to increase selling effectiveness regardless of the product or service being sold. It can even be used in a recruiting capacity.

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Any industry can benefit from the principles of IMPACT Selling®️. We are industry leading and award winning program directors with multiple advanced options to fuel your success:

EQ Assessments

Help Your Sellers Perform to their Maximum Potential with the EQ (Emotional Quotient) Assessment

Emotional intelligence is critical to high sales performance because it allows a salesperson to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power of their own emotions during interactions with buyers.

Leading a sales team is a lonely – and sometimes frustrating – job. Some days it feels like you’re herding cats. In addition to the challenges of hitting the number in the face of unbelievable uncertainty, senior leadership wants answers you’re not always in a position to give.

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Sales Hiring Assessments

There is an Abundance of Sales Talent Out There –
Snag the Right Sales Candidates

The Brooks Talent Index sales assessment allows hiring managers to back up their gut feelings with validated science—and choose the candidate with the greatest fit & potential to succeed in the role.

IMPACT Selling Skills Index

Make More Informed Hiring Decisions Using Our Proven Hiring Assessment System

The questions were developed based on The Brooks Group’s deep industry knowledge and expertise regarding sales performance in today’s complex selling environment.

The results provide an accurate picture of how equipped an individual is to perform at high levels in the current marketplace.

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Sales Team Insights

Discover How to Get More Out of Your Entire Sales Team with Our Sales Team Insights

Any team takes on a unique culture based on the personalities and behaviors that comprise it. And while some teams seem to work together successfully with little effort, other teams are held back by the personality conflicts, misalignment, and a sense that some or all the players just don’t “get it.”

The real problem with ineffective teams is that it’s often hard to identify what challenges are holding the sales team back. The key to understanding the reasons behind a team’s success – and more importantly – how a team can be more successful is to evaluate the group at a “people level” using some sort of a validated assessment tool.

Sales Culture Insights

The Sales Culture Insights customized survey is a powerful tool that provides deep insights into the current state of your sales organization.

This anonymous survey uncovers perceptions around sales issues, sales management effectiveness, cross-department coordination, sales culture, sales performance metrics, and other critical areas — allowing you to gain a true understanding of the current “pulse” of your sales organization.

Improve your sales team’s negotiation skills.
Digital sales training for sales teams.

Brooks Talent Index for Hiring & Sales Coaching

Identify the candidates with the greatest likelihood of success, while fast-tracking training and development

Brooks Talent Index takes the uncertainty out of hiring by determining the specific attributes your sales position requires for success and then allowing you to objectively compare your sales candidates against that criteria.

Developing a Top Profile – Hiring Benchmarks

Develop an ideal candidate profile that you can use to hire the perfect match – for sales roles and beyond

Have you ever hired someone who looks great on paper, only to be disappointed by their performance once they’ve joined your team?

The job benchmarking process takes the guesswork out of hiring, by identifying exactly what a position needs for success, and then comparing your candidates to that ideal profile.

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Brooks Talent Index:
Accurate, Trusted, Proven.

Get reliable results with a scientifically validated assessment system and stop sales turnover

Assessments can help you predict a candidate’s likelihood for success in your organization, but not all assessment tools are legally eligible for hiring purposes. Be sure that you’re using a tool that guarantees the defensibility of every hiring or promotion decision you make.

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