IMPACT Selling Skills Index (SSI)

Make More Informed Hiring Decisions Using Our Proven Hiring Assessment System

The IMPACT Selling Skills Index (SSI) measures an individual’s knowledge of the hard skills associated with the IMPACT selling system – a consultative, buyer-focused sales process.

The assessment can be delivered on its own, or combined with the other reports of the Brooks Talent Index to give you a comprehensive understanding of how skilled a sales hire or current team member is in a selling capacity.

Leading a sales team is a lonely – and sometimes frustrating – job. Some days it feels like you’re herding cats. In addition to the challenges of hitting the number in the face of unbelievable uncertainty, senior leadership wants answers you’re not always in a position to give.

Selling Skills Index Assessment Benefits:

  • Determine the selling skill level of sales candidates before making hiring decisions
  • Diagnose skill gaps on your sales team to provide highly customized training
  • Understand an individual’s strength and challenge areas to deliver targeted coaching
  • Develop personalized performance improvement plans for current team members

The SSI Evaluates Sales Knowledge Based on Today’s Modern Selling Environment

The questions were developed based on The Brooks Group’s deep industry knowledge and expertise regarding sales performance in today’s complex selling environment.

The results provide an accurate picture of how equipped an individual is to perform at high levels in the current marketplace.

The easy-to-interpret report reveals which step of the selling process poses the greatest challenge to a salesperson, and coaching tips that can be applied to improve their performance in that specific area.
Quickly determine where your candidate or team member excels, and where they could benefit from targeted training and coach.
SSI Probe

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