Make This Year Your SalesYear!

There’s simply no better way to raise the bar of performance, all year long!

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing marketplace, wouldn’t it be nice, as a sales leader, to have a way to provide a consistent, predictable message when motivating your sales organization?

That’s why The Brooks Group is happy to reintroduce SalesYear — our award-winning suite of profit-driving sales meetings, fully updated to support the realities of today’s selling landscape.

What is SalesYear?

What is SalesYear?

SalesYear is our "secret weapon" for the best sales leaders, designed for sales managers, executives and CEOs who are looking to add value and enthusiasm to their regular meetings.


Each SalesYear meeting includes:

  • Training Podcast: Sessions of no more than 10 to 15 minutes, delivered in an energetic, contemporary style providing a targeted, real-world exercise designed to boost sales performance.

  • Manager’s Guide: Includes coaching points and a checklist to lead the meeting, as well as questions to gauge understanding.

  • Sales Success Worksheet: To help your team reflect on and retain what they’ve learned.

  • Podcast Transcript: A handy reference to reinforce key learnings.

SalesYear is Right For Me

SalesYear is perfect for any sales leader who is looking to offer more than the typical summary of activity.

Topics Include

Fundamentals of Selling Fundamentals of Selling
Positioning Positioning
Prospecting Prospecting
Pre-call Planning Pre-Call Planning
Setting & Making Appointments Setting & Making Appointments
Making an Effective Presentation Making an Effective Presentation
Asking the Right Questions & Listening Asking the Right Questions & Listening
Overcoming Objections Overcoming Objections
Presenting Price Presenting Price
Motivation & Sales Confidence Motivation & Sales Confidence
Value-Added Selling Value-Added Selling
Finalizing Sales Finalizing Sales

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