Meet Our Sales Training Facilitators

Achieve outstanding results from your sales training initiative with our team of world-class facilitators

Our Facilitation Philosophy

A quality facilitator can make an enormous difference in the overall success of your sales training program.

The Brooks Group’s training programs are led by expert facilitators with real sales experience.

Why? Because we believe that the person teaching your sales team should have world-class training skills, along with the industry experience to back up the content they’re teaching in the classroom.

The facilitator assigned to your account will work closely with your team to understand your short and long-term goals—and will serve as a partner in helping your organization reach them.

The Rigorous Training Process to Become a Facilitator for
The Brooks Group

Facilitators at The Brooks Group go through a rigorous screening and training process in order to maintain the highest level of quality for the training programs we deliver to clients.


The steps of the process to become a facilitator:


Facilitators must be experienced in training adult learners + have a background in business, sales, marketing, etc.


A robust training and onboarding process is conducted to gain certification in The Brooks Group’s proprietary content

Ongoing Development

Trained facilitators are observed, evaluated, and regularly provided with refresher courses on current learning trends, fresh ideas, and updated and new content

Meet Our Team – and Your Next Facilitator

Our talented team of facilitators create an active learning atmosphere that engages and inspires participants to improve their performance. View the videos below to see their training in action.


Dan Agne

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Claude MacDonald

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Rico Pena

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Anita Greenland

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Dan Markin

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Donna Warrick

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Tara Stewart

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Julie Gothard

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Greg Brown

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Corey McKizzie

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Lonnie Taylor

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Kathleen Donohue

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Rogerio Soares

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Shellie Burkart

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Leslie Green

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Noelle Leemburg

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Curt Tueffert

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Jeff Baer

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Here’s What Participants and Industry Leaders Are Saying About Our Facilitators

“I received unsolicited feedback from nearly all of my department colleagues following Rico’s training. Response has been overwhelmingly positive, both in terms of Rico’s performance and the materials. Several people told me this was the best and most useful training we have ever had at our annual meetings.”

Joe Leisek
Senior Manager, Creative Services, The Doctors Company

“Very difficult task to stand in front of a room of people and keep the audience engaged and alert. One of the best trainers I’ve seen or maybe the best!”

Peter McIlveen
Account Manager, Chandler

“Kathy was very interactive with the group—answering questions and comments for all. Overall the group enjoyed the experience and left the class with a new sense of self and a new direction on the job they are expected to do.”

Dirk Mourara
District Parts Manager, Volvo Trucks North Americ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your facilitators called Directors of Sales Effectiveness?

We call our facilitators Directors of Sales Effectiveness because that’s exactly what they’re qualified to do. In order to represent and facilitate a training program for The Brooks Group, a candidate must have a background in training adult learners and experience in the sales industry.

Our facilitators are prepared to train participants in the fundamentals of IMPACT Selling and sales management training, to more advanced selling skills such as:

What are the characteristics of a good sales trainer?

It takes a unique personality to facilitate a sales training program in a way that is memorable and capable of lasting results. An excellent sales trainer or facilitator will capture the audience’s attention and gain their trust early on. This connection helps with participant buy-in and adoption of new skills.

You can explore the 7 characteristics of a good sales trainer further in this blog post.


Will I be able to choose the facilitator for my training program?

All of The Brooks Group’s facilitators are highly qualified and produce consistently excellent results for clients. A particular facilitator may be recommended to you based on their specific industry expertise or experience.


Are facilitators trained for virtual and online programs?

Most of The Brooks Group’s facilitators are trained in virtual facilitation and utilize best practices to deliver world-class training through a virtual format.

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