Sales Leadership Training

Sales Leadership Training Programs

Sales Leadership Accelerator

Sales management is a tough job—partly because as a sales manager, you’re pulled in so many different directions. This sales leadership training program will teach you how to effectively manage your time and focus on activities that have the greatest impact on your sales team’s performance. You’ll improve your sales coaching skills so you can provide targeted, personalized, and effective sales coaching.

Coaching to IMPACT

For teams that have already been training on IMPACT Selling, The Brooks Group Coaching to IMPACT program is a proven way to maximize your sales training ROI and keep IMPACT alive. The program provides practical, easy to implement sales coaching strategies presented by one of our expert sales coaches. You’ll ensure you standardize the IMPACT sales process and improve sales manager skills.

Train the Trainer

Get certfied to deliver IMPACT Selling® in-house & on-demand through The Brooks Group Train the Trainer program. You’ll become proficient in the principles of IMPACT and learn how to adapt your behavior style to better communicate with participants, create a dynamic training environment, and facilitate with more confidence.

Sales Consulting Services

The Brooks Group sales consultants bring deep industry expertise, research, and a range of perspectives to diagnose your sales challenges and provide solutions that will ensure your success. Through our agile and innovative approach we’ll help you make strategic decisions and smarter investments.

Sales Team Insights

The Brooks Group Sales Team Insights is a powerful tool that highlights key competency trends in your sales team. This actionable assessment-based report reveals the strength and challenge areas of each of your sales team members and helps you understand how to optimize your sales team dynamics to get foster increased revenue production.

Sales Culture Insights

The Brooks Group Sales Culture Insights is a powerful tool that provides deep insights into the current state of your sales organization. This anonymous survey uncovers perceptions around sales issues, management effectiveness, cross-department coordination, sales culture, sales metrics, and other critical areas — giving you a true understanding of the current “pulse” of your sales team.

Additional Insights for Sales Leaders

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2024 Sales Leader Trend Report

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We surveyed B2B sales leaders across multiple industries at organizations to discover the answer.

In this research report, Best Practices of High-Performing Sales Teams, we share what the best sales teams do differently.

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