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About The Brooks Group

Founded in 1977, The Brooks Group is a corporate sales training and sales management training company focused on helping companies build top-performing sales teams. Our training systems provide street smart, actionable strategies that help salespeople sell more effectively and sales managers coach and lead more successfully. Our no-nonsense, customizable approach skips the fluff and focuses on what will actually get results for your team.

At the core of every program delivered by The Brooks Group are the solid, tested principles and tools of IMPACT Selling® - the system created from over 15 years of research and validation. IMPACT is a linked, 6-step selling process that has been taught to over 1,000,000 sales professionals around the world in over 350 industries, 8 different languages, and 22 countries.

The Brooks Group can customize and deliver a sales training program for your organization, whether you’re located in New York, California, or anywhere in between. We’ve delivered training in 22 countries around the world in over ten languages and can customize the training that’s right for your team.


Sales Hiring and Assessments

Be sure you're putting your money and time behind the right people. The Brooks Talent Index uses a 4-part assessment to help you hire, develop, and retain top sales performers.

Sales Management Training

The sales manager is the most important member of the sales team. Who they hire, how they coach their people, and how they hold people accountable will make or break your performance levels.

Sales Training

Sales reps need a solid process they can follow with every opportunity. IMPACT Selling is buyer-focused and easy for salespeople to learn and apply in the real world. Most important–it gets results.

Areas of Specialization

IMPACT Selling is a system that’s easy to learn and apply, but the real beauty is in its flexibility. IMPACT allows salespeople to sell virtually any product or service more effectively (the US Marines, Air Force Reserves, and the Air National Guard even use the system for recruiting purposes).

But one industry The Brooks Group knows better than any other is the industrial manufacturing and industrial distribution markets. We’ve helped hundreds of manufacturing and distribution clients transform their businesses with customized sales training, sales management, and sales hiring assessments.

Industrial Sales Training

In the early 2000's, strong relationships could carry a sales rep. But as we all know, times have changed. How do you face a commoditized marketplace threatened by overseas manufacturers, lower priced competitors, and savvier (committee based) buyers?

Today's successful salespeople need a different skill set—one that positions them as strategic advisors in the eyes of their customers.


Industrial Distribution Sales Training for Selling to

It’s the ugly reality of industrial distribution: what you’re selling is seen by buyers as a commodity. When every cost is scrutinized and the competition low balls prices on similar products, your people need a new strategy to communicate value.

This is where The Brooks Group can help.

We provide customized sales training solutions for industrial distribution organizations that help identify ideal buyers, sell on value, differentiate from the competition, and earn more sales.

Industrial Manufacturing Sales Training for Selling Through Distribution Networks

Manufacturers need to increase their market share and distributors are focused on protecting their margins. If that sounds familiar, then you know the strain that can result from the misalignment of goals between district managers and dealer reps.

But there's a solution that can help both parties succeed.

By delivering our 10 step OEM-Sponsored Sales Training program, you’ll be providing your Dealer Network with what they want – sales growth – in a way that helps you achieve your goals as well.

Closing the Loop

Just a few tweaks can benefit both sides of the manufacturer-distributor relationship and resolve friction that may stand in the way of results.

Working with The Brooks Group allows industrial manufacturers and distributors to:


Elevate the distributor-manufacturer relationship to achieve strategic goals on both sides


Maintain brand integrity as products pass through the distribution network


Increase valuable communication to support product knowledge


Find and develop top sales talent to sell the products at high margin

Communication is key when looking for an ideal manufacturer-distributor partnership. The Brooks Group helps both parties to understand, develop, train, and set guidelines for an ideal relationship that both parties can maintain and grow.

What Our Customers Are Saying

testimonial quote
“The Brooks Group IMPACT sales process has helped our company establish a common language and methodology among our sales team and management. The customized training and facilitation allowed us to train at a pace that was most effective for our group and the ongoing coaching calls have reinforced the methodology in real-life situations. Ultimately, we have been able to create more value for our customers which allows us to support a culture based on consultative versus transactional selling.”
Chris Trevey

- Chris Trevey

Carlton Scale

testimonial quote
“The Brooks Group provides the highest degree of professionalism in every interaction I’ve had with them. More importantly, the strategies and tactics they teach work in the field to deliver results. The Brooks Group understands what it takes to deliver long-term behavioral change at the sales and sales management level, and I highly recommend their services.”
Patrick Scully

- Patrick Scully

EVP of Sales
Motor Coach Industries

testimonial quote
“The Brooks Talent Index has been a fantastic addition to our talent management toolkit. It has helped us identify, hire, and retain salespeople and sales managers that are a much better fit for our culture. The cool thing about Brooks Talent Index is that it’s not just a hiring tool. It also provides us with powerful info that helps our managers coach and mentor reps by providing insights into how to use the motivators, personal skills, and behaviors the reps bring to the job to help them be more successful.”
Marty Tanner

- Marty Tanner

Director of Sales

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