Turn Summer Downtime into Accelerated Sales Performance

Get back on target to hit revenue goals with customized sales skills training for your sales team

Halfway through the year is a great time to regroup and get your team back on track to reach year-end goals. The Brooks Group offers a selection of training programs that can be customized to meet the needs of your organization and sales team.

Impact Selling

Using a repeatable sales process isn’t a nice-to-have in today’s challenging market…it’s a non negotiable. Our flagship program has been taught to over 1 million sales professionals around the world. This 6-step sales process will give your salespeople the foundational selling skills to close more deals, more often.

Program Benefits

  • Increased Sales Revenue
  • Higher Margins
  • Common Language
  • Shortened Sales Cycle

Impact For Customer Service

The interactions your staff has with your customers will ultimately determine if they stay with your company and buy more, or if they decide to take their business elsewhere. This customizable training program is designed to give your customer service team the skills needed to delight customers, grow customer loyalty, and differentiate your company from the competition.

Program Benefits

  • Stronger Customer Relationships
  • Higher Client Retention Rates
  • Increased Revenue
  • Additional Referral Business

Strategic Account Management

This customizable training program will help your salespeople master the art of organizing, managing, and growing their most profitable business accounts. Participants will learn a highly-practical system for developing each of their key accounts in ways that will strengthen the client relationship—and drive additional sales revenue for your company.

Program Benefits

  • Improved Positioning with Clients
  • Increased Depth within Accounts
  • More Profitable Revenue Stream
  • Better Efficiency and Time Management

Impact-U Online Sales Training

The award-winning IMPACT Selling® System is now available in an online training format–placing sales effectiveness at your sellers’ fingertips. Your sales professionals will learn a consultative sales process that they can apply right away with their existing accounts and new opportunities.

Program Benefits

  • Accessibility
  • Gamification
  • Coaching
  • Reinforcement

Sales Territory Planning

Setting goals is one thing. Reaching them is another. Give your sales team an action plan for meeting the targets you’ve set for them. In this interactive program, salespeople will develop step-by-step plans for each of their business segments that they can then execute, track, and measure for success.

Program Benefits

  • Increased Market Penetration
  • Superior Prediction Accuracy
  • Clarity of Goals
  • Increased Target Attainment

How To Sell Against Lower-priced Competition

Are you 100% confident your reps won’t drop their price the next time a buyer says “I can get it cheaper from so-and-so” or “Your price is too high”? This program teaches your salespeople the skills needed to hold their ground, differentiate you from price-cutting competitors, and eliminate price objections – before they even happen!

Program Benefits

  • Higher Volume Sales
  • Higher Margins
  • Superior Negotiation Skills
  • Reduced Price Objections

Impact Selling® For The Complex Marketplace

In today’s complex selling environment, your team needs a selling strategy to match. This program builds on the foundation of the IMPACT sales process and teaches salespeople how to navigate the complex sale with multiple layers of decision makers—ensuring they have a place at the table when buying decisions are made or RFPs are written.

Program Benefits

  • Stronger Relationships
  • Greater Retention
  • Increased Revenue
  • Increase Account Penetration

Whether it’s a one-day event or a full-scale training initiative, The Brooks Group can customize a program to help your sales team dive deeper and hit the year-end goals you’ve set for them.

The Brooks Group

About The Brooks Group

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