An Interactive Digital Library for Sales Managers and Their Teams

Personalize the learning journey of every seller on your team with a subscription-based, interactive digital library.


Keep Learning Alive

You’ve made investments to develop your team. BrooksUP helps you nurture those investments by continually guiding your sellers on what to do and how to do it via web or app.

Designed For All Learning Styles

Skill Development Playbooks
Role Playing Scenarios
Training Videos

Quick To Consume, Easy To Apply

BrooksUP gives your salespeople access to bite-sized training they can immediately apply whether at their desks or on the go.

Improve Every Seller’s Ability, Whatever the Skill

Our curated playbooks guide your sellers through topical learning that is focused on the skills they most need.

BrooksUP Playbook 1
BrooksUP Playbook 2
Curt Tueffert BropksUP Testimonial

“We’ve been using BrooksUP to reinforce sales training with great results. Through the platform IMPACT sales process is easily reinforced, helping our sales team close the gap of any learning material they forgot, and creating a bit of friendly competition. For our sales managers looking for greater accountability, the back-end analytics really help us drive training accountability.”

Learn Together or on Your Own

Sometimes it makes sense to train your entire team together. Other times, individual sellers learn better on their own.

BrooksUP gives you the flexibility for both, with the freedom to roll out training as you see fit.

Color-coded heatmaps make it easy to track progress by topic and team or individual seller.

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Made With Busy Sales Professionals in Mind

Give Your Team the Knowledge Advantage

BrooksUP is one of many sales transformation solutions we offer. Reach out and we’ll help you find the right solution and implementation strategy to support your organization’s training needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the IMPACT Selling System and BrooksUP?
IMPACT is a one or multi-day, live online or in-person training ideal for teams looking to improve their sales skills and add a structured process using a simple common sales language. It includes our Brooks Talent Index assessment, revealing each salesperson’s sales behaviors, motivators, and personal skills.

BrooksUP is not meant to be a replacement to IMPACT training, nor is it simply for reinforcement. The training assets in BrooksUP are intended for sales managers to upskill their team’s selling skills by assigning targeted training via individual assets or playbooks. Sales professionals can access training as often as they’d like, and managers can control the pace of learning based on their determination of their team’s needs.

How do I know my busy sales team will actually use the training?

Structure and compliance is largely in each sales manager’s control. The best approach to keep engagement high is for a manager to lead the team in regular discussions about the content they are all consuming and practicing together or in one-on-ones. The playbooks and push reminders from the system will also give salespeople small nudges to keep up with their learning.

Managers can track their team’s engagement and comprehension via color-coded heat maps organized by topic and team or individual.

What are playbooks and how are they used?
A sales playbook is a learning/practice path that spans 6 to 10 weeks and is focused on improving a specific skill for a salesperson or sales team. Each week includes no more than 30 minutes worth of content from various types of learning: articles, videos, mentor interviews, practice conversations, video-based coaching, and training tools. Each playbook has a specific goal to improve a sales skill. Each week adds on the previous week’s content and progress.

Also included in each playbook are guidelines and prompts for a sales team to discuss the things they’ve learned that week. We suggest sales managers leverage these prompts to guide conversations in team meetings.

How much does a subscription cost?

Pricing is based on the number and duration of subscriptions needed. Complete the form above and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your options.

How long are subscriptions valid for?

Subscriptions are offered in six month, one year, and two year licenses.

Will our subscriptions auto-renew?

No. Auto-renewals cause grief for busy professionals. Our team will instead provide regular contact and support to customers to help identify areas for further skill improvement that can be provided by BrooksUP. As part of this regular contact, our team will keep customers informed about subscription extension/expansion options when active subscriptions are due to lapse.

I still have some questions, can I speak to someone?
Absolutely! Complete the form above and a member of our team will reach out to answer any remaining questions you have.