Sales Training Reinforcement

Reinforce sales skills and maximize knowledge retention with on-demand access to continuous micro-learning in BrooksUP™.

Improve Sales Team Performance at Every Stage

Our BrooksUP eLearning platform helps sales leaders onboard, train, and develop sales talent for long-term success.

Reinforce Sales Training

Reinforce IMPACT
Reinforce the IMPACT Selling® sales process and practice skills.

Drive Lasting Behavior Change

Drive lasting behavior change

Empower your sellers with engaging micro-learning that builds competence.

Maximize Sales Manager Impact

Sales manager impact

Deliver high-impact sales coaching and track coaching effectiveness.

Accelerate Sales Readiness


Onboard and ramp new sales hires faster on IMPACT Selling®.

Reinforce Sales Skills and Competencies

Strengthen sales professionals’ skills, reinforce sales training concepts, and improve performance effectively and efficiently with BrooksUP eLearning.

Continuous Learning Paths

Drive behavior change and long-lasting improvement to reach sales goals.

Personalized Sales Training

Grow seller competence with self-paced and guided learning journeys.

Real-World Selling Scenarios

Use video exercises, objection handling drills, and simulations to prepare for every prospect conversation.

User-Friendly Interface

Get mobile or desktop access to learning paths, flash drills, video coaching, and practice exercises.

Proven Best Practices

Elevate performance with industry-leading training content, techniques, and tools developed by sales experts.

BrooksUP eLearning

Built for Sales Leaders and Sales Professionals

get actionable insight

Track Learning Progress

Train and coach more efficiently with heat maps and dashboards to track progress and target areas of improvement.

Improve Selling Skills

Improve Sales Coaching

Scale sales coaching with real-time AI-generated feedback on presentation content, tone, duration, speed, and key phrases.

Customize Learning

Customize Learning

Identify skills proficiency at an individual or team level and deliver personalized learning paths.

Measure Competitive Readiness

Measure Competitive Readiness

Get analytics insight to increase seller engagement and maximize training effectiveness and ROI.

Get On-Demand Access to Award-Winning Learning Paths

Reinforce IMPACT

Reinforce IMPACT Selling® sales process training with guided and self-paced digital learning modules.

Improve Sales Skills

Improve specific skills with micro-content, practice exercises, flash drills, and discussion prompts.

Sales tools to tackle real situations

Access to audio segments, videos, and sales tools to see how to tackle real sales situations.

See how BrooksUP can improve sales skills to develop high-performing sales professionals.


What’s the difference between IMPACT Selling® and BrooksUP?

IMPACT Selling® is a training program that helps unlock sales potential. It’s ideal for sales teams that want to improve their sales skills, implement a structured sales process, and adopt a common sales language. IMPACT Selling® participants receive the Brooks Talent Index™ assessment to evaluate sales behaviors, motivators, competencies, and acumen.

The BrooksUP eLearning platform is a resource for anyone who has received IMPACT Selling® training. BrooksUP helps sales leaders reinforce and upskill their team with guided and/or self-paced learning paths and targeted individual assets. Sales professionals can access training as often as they’d like.

How do I know my busy sales team will actually use the training? 

Sales leaders can track their team’s engagement and comprehension via analytics dashboards and color-coded heat maps organized by topic and team or individual.

Sales leaders can keep engagement high with discussions about the content the team is consuming in groups or one-on-one. Learning path updates and push reminders from the system also help sales professionals keep up with their learning.

What are learning paths and how are they used? 

A learning path is a customized series of modules focused on a specific sales skill. Each module includes a variety of learning content such as simulations, articles, videos, practice conversations, video-based coaching, and training tools. Also included in each learning path are discussion prompts that sales leaders can leverage to guide conversations in team meetings.

How much does a subscription cost?

BrooksUP pricing is based on the number and duration of users. Please complete the contact form on this page and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your options.

Give Your Team the Knowledge Advantage

BrooksUP is one of many sales transformation solutions we offer. Reach out and we’ll help you find the right solution and implementation strategy to support your organization’s training needs.