Sales Consulting Services from The Brooks Group

Make strategic decisions with confidence, hire and invest wisely, and prevent costly mistakes with sales strategy consulting from The Brooks Group.

Make Sales Strategy Decisions With Confidence

Companies must change to adapt to new products, markets, and competitors. Let us help you make the right decisions with data-based, objective recommendations from sales authorities.

Our sales consulting services offer flexible, customized engagements to identify and resolve issues and deliver a clear, concrete path to achieve your goals.

Are you:

✓ Struggling with sales performance?

✓ Launching a new product, process, or function?

✓ Reorganizing, merging with, or acquiring a company?

✓ Rolling out a new go-to-market (GTM) strategy?

Don’t rely on gut feel. Get answers to your performance, talent, and strategy questions from The Brooks Group.

Get Actionable Recommendations

Make informed decisions and smart investments with expert guidance and practical advice.

Validate Your Sales Strategy

Uncover Opportunities

Learn KPIs, benchmarks, and best metrics to reach your goals.

Optimize Sales Initiatives

Uncover Opportunities

Transform your sales process, GTM strategy, and/or team structure.

Resolve Performance Issues

Uncover Opportunities

Identify and resolve root causes of lagging sales performance.

Hire the Right Salespeople

Uncover Opportunities

Understand ideal seller profiles, personality types, and motivators.

Manage Organizational Change

Uncover Opportunities

Reinforce behavior and launch new sales strategy initiatives with confidence.

Assess Sales Team Capability

Uncover Opportunities

Identify skill gaps and training needs to increase sales effectiveness.

Uncover New Opportunities

Uncover Opportunities

Solve strategic, operational, and cultural issues to achieve revenue goals.


Discover how The Brooks Group equipped the Hitachi Energy team to handle difficult conversations

“Being able to communicate using a common language was the driver behind having training across all the North American facilities. We’ve been able to turn things around since we’ve had the training on difficult discussions. It’s worked out great. And the proof is in the data.”

Joe Bigler

Tackle Your Biggest Sales Challenges

Our sales consultants bring deep industry expertise, research, and a range of perspectives to help you succeed. We help our clients thrive and enable you to make smarter investments.

We deliver:

  • Custom-built team of experts to assess your organization’s unique needs
  • Collaboration across the company and with all levels
  • Stakeholder Interviews, individual and team assessments, ride-alongs, and site visits
  • Detailed findings reports and data-backed recommendations

Let’s discuss how our Sales Performance Consulting Services can help your company grow.

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