Empower Your Internal Trainers to Deliver Our Sales Training Courses

Simply put, if you have the corporate training resources to conduct the training, and especially if you have a large or geographically dispersed sales force, licensing IMPACT sales training means you’ll:

  • Gain substantial savings on training hard costs by avoiding per-head rates

  • Retain the flexibility to train when it’s convenient to you – saving on possible travel and time-off-the-streets expenses

  • Create an unlimited ability to reinforce initial training throughout the implementation cycle

  • Reap the top-line sales benefits created by the IMPACT coaching system itself

  • Gain the ability to re-brand the training material to better reflect corporate culture and terminology

You can even have us customize your training program as part of the licensing agreement.  If you’re looking at training for a large or rapidly expanding sales team, contact us to have one of our Directors of Sales walk you through your licensing options.