The TriMetrix® Sales Assessment Test

Stop Sales Turnover with a Comprehensive Assessment Tool

The TriMetrix Sales Talent Assessment Stops Sales Turnover and Dramatically Improves Hiring Success Rates

Unfortunately, a solid resume with a track record of sales success is no guarantee that a candidate will succeed for you, in your unique sales environment.

Employers looking to hire the best salespeople for their team back up their gut feelings with a validated sales assessment test. But not every assessment tool on the market has the ability to accurately measure a candidate’s personality traits, motivators, and competencies.

TriMetrix is more than a personality assessment. It’s an intelligent, 3-science system that allows employers to identify the specific competencies a sales position requires for success. From here, you can objectively compare candidates and identify the one with the necessary strengths, and traits, Traits, and who is also a good fit for your culture.

Adding TriMetrix to Your Hiring Process Allows You to:

  • Pinpoint what your open position requires for success
  • Select candidates most likely to succeed in your environment
  • Decrease the time it takes to reach high-performance levels
  • Provide individualized coaching plans for your sales reps
  • Reduce sales turnover across your sales team
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What Makes TriMetrix Different From Other Pre-Employment Assessments?

Most sales aptitude tests used for hiring only measure one dimension of a salesperson.TriMetrix combines three assessments into one system, giving a more complete picture of someone’s strength and challenge areas.

Our “whole person” assessment system explores the following three key areas of ability and performance:

How a person behaves and communicates


A person behaves and communicates — using the world famous DISC assessment

Why a person moves into action


A person moves into action — using the simple yet powerful Workplace Motivators assessment

What personal talents a person has at their disposal


Personal talents a person has at their disposal — using the Acumen Capacity Index


TriMetrix gives you the most accurate prediction of how a salesperson will perform on the job by filling in gaps that other pre-employment testing often misses. 

The TriMetrix has been a fantastic addition to our talent management toolkit. It has helped us identify, hire, and retain salespeople and sales managers that are a much better fit for our culture. The cool thing about TriMetrix is that it’s not just a hiring tool. It also provides us with powerful info that helps our managers coach and mentor reps by providing insights into how to use the motivators, personal skills, and behaviors the reps bring to the job to help them be more successful.

- Marty Tanner

Director of Sales, HCR ManorCare

Use TriMetrix assessments for sales hiring and beyond

TriMetrix can be used to find, hire, and coach people for any position, within any industry. An additional test, the Selling Skills Index, is automatically integrated if you’re assessing a sales candidate, or the salespeople you already have on your team.

The assessment system can be used throughout the entire employee lifecycle from selection, to onboarding and coaching, to succession planning.



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Sales Coaching


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Scientific Validation


Rest assured that your hiring decision is both accurate and legal with a scientifically validated system

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Don’t leave your hiring decisions to gut feelings. Create a blueprint for high performance and let TriMetrix find the perfect match.



Trusted By Thousands of Clients

Trusted By Thousands of Clients

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