Coaching and Reinforcement

Over 40 years of improving sales performance for clients in a wide range of industries

The Brooks Group provides coaching, reinforcement and sales management training programs that allow your salespeople to sell more effectively and your sales managers to coach and lead more successfully. At the core of every training program are the solid, tested principles and tools of IMPACT Selling® – a system designed to increase selling effectiveness regardless of the product or service being sold. It can even be used in a recruiting capacity.

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Any industry can benefit from the principles of IMPACT Selling®️. We are industry leading and award winning program directors with multiple advanced options to fuel your success:

IMPACT Selling Coaching System

Achieve maximum ROI on your sales training initiative with industry-leading reinforcement tools coupled with a detailed coaching plan

The IMPACT Sales Coaching System is an 8-week sales training reinforcement program used to further improve your team’s sales effectiveness.

The coaching system helps to ensure sales professionals are truly understanding and implementing newly learned skills with clients and prospects.

Through the interactive coaching program, participants have the opportunity to apply key concepts while being guided by an expert sales coach and their fellow team members.

Sales Manager
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Coaching to IMPACT

Maximize your Corporate Sales Training ROI and keep IMPACT alive on your team with a practical sales coaching program

Give your sales managers a practical sales coaching system so they can maximize the performance of each of their team members.

Qstream® Mobile Reinforcement App

Solidify training with a mobile reinforcement solution designed to deliver tips and quizzes

Sales enablement initiatives are most effective when training is followed up with a quality reinforcement program.

In fact, according to research from Aberdeen, Best-in-Class companies are 15% more likely than others to follow-up sales training with reinforcement.

Qstream is one of several tools used in the IMPACT Sales Coaching System to reinforce skills your team learned in training, and to increase the likelihood of those new skills being applied in the field.

IMPACT Selling

Annual Sales Meetings and Keynotes

Annual Sales Meeting Topics that Deliver Results

Planning your annual or national sales meeting might feel complicated, but the goal of the meeting agenda is simple: set your sales force up for success to meet their quota and the goals of the sales organization.

What your salespeople want and need is skills training and skills development that helps them overcome the biggest challenges they face every day in the field.

This year, give your sales reps what they need to get the results you want.

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