Are these challenges getting in the way of your sales team reaching their goals?

Looking for ideas for longer training sessions at your annual virtual sales meeting including options for breakout sessions? The following training programs can be adapted to fit the length and format of your sales meeting:



  • Sales reps being reactive instead of proactive in their outreach
  • Waiting for the phone to ring
  • Not qualifying, and working the wrong prospects
  • Inability to create a business plan
  • Lack of planning and organizational skills
Exploring Needs

Exploring Needs

  • Sales reps not asking enough questions during sales calls
  • Bulldozing prospects with the wrong communication approach
  • Inability to engage in high-level business conversations
  • Being product or offering-focused, and recommending a solution too quickly
  • Lack of focus on customer needs and business objectives
Team Selling

Team Selling

  • Difficulty selling to multiple stakeholders
  • Inability to navigate larger buying committees
  • Unable to adapt selling approach to each decision-maker’s buying style


  • Sales reps struggling to navigate buyer negotiation tactics
  • Cutting price too quickly
  • Not selling on value
  • Caving to pressure from lower-priced competition


  • Losing deals to no decision
  • Inability to move stalled deals through the pipeline
  • Difficulty speeding up long sales cycles
  • Not on pace for meeting sales goals
Expanding Accounts

Expanding Accounts

  • Sales reps not selling deeper into existing accounts
  • Inability to have high level conversations with C-Suite decision makers
  • Focusing on a narrow set of offerings and not expanding to other products or services
  • Spending too much time with low-payoff accounts

Whether it’s a one-day event or a full-scale training initiative, The Brooks Group can customize a program to help your sales team overcome their challenges and hit the year-end goals you’ve set for them.

Don’t let a summer slump situation stop your team’s momentum. Targeted skills training from The Brooks Group will equip your sellers with the sales techniques they need to move past challenges and achieve sales success—this season and beyond.

Turn summer downtime into accelerated sales performance with the following training programs from The Brooks Group.

Core Training Curriculum Catalogue

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