Brooks Talent Index for Hiring & Sales Coaching

Identify the candidates with the greatest likelihood of success, while fast-tracking training and development

Brooks Talent Index takes the uncertainty out of hiring by determining the specific attributes your sales position requires for success and then allowing you to objectively compare your sales candidates against that criteria.

Once you have that kind of visibility, you’ll know which of your sales candidates have the skills, values, motivations, and temperament to succeed.

And for current members of your sales team, you’ll have a clear picture of which areas need to be focused on for development and which areas of strength can be leveraged.

The Brooks Talent Index can be used throughout the entire lifecycle of a salesperson. From identifying the candidate with the greatest likelihood for success, to training and development, to career pathing.

Brooks Talent Index reports give sales managers the information they need to get people in the right roles, playing to their own strengths and improving skills that are less developed.

Brooks Talent Index reports reveal a salesperson’s strengths and weaknesses in four key areas:

  • Behaviors
  • Motivators
  • Acumen
  • Competencies
The results are shared with the sales team member or new hire so that they can understand their own behaviors and communication styles—increasing self-awareness and making them more likely to respond positively to coaching feedback.

Personalized checklists for communicating allow sales managers to fine-tune their coaching approach, making interactions with salespeople straight to the point and productive. Your sales managers can avoid communication conflict with their reps and stay focused on the things that will affect sales performance the most.

Brooks Talent Index fills all of your talent management needs with a single system—find the right candidate, quickly get them up to speed, and coach them to their highest potential.

Your sales managers know they need to be coaching. The Brooks Talent Index gives them a manual for doing it the right way.