Become Your Organization’s Internal Brooks Talent Index Expert

With a Virtual Brooks Talent Index Certification from The Brooks Group

Master the Language of Brooks Talent Index from the Comfort of Your Own Office

In this interactive, 5-week course, you’ll learn how to confidently interpret assessment results yourself—allowing you to skip the scheduled debriefs and save valuable time during the hiring process.

Become the expert within your organization today!

A Brooks Talent Index certification will allow you to:

  • Master the art of Brooks Talent Index Assessment interpretation via a step-by-step process
  • Learn to combine the 3 sciences and predict if a candidate will succeed in your environment
  • Uncover a candidate’s potential challenges and drill down on those areas in the interview process
  • Use insight about a new hire or employee to design the most effective coaching and development approach

The virtual program is designed so you can learn from the comfort of your own office on short, weekly video conferences.

Conventiently access course content and reinforcement sessions online

Gain insight from other talent professionals from around the country

Master Brooks Talent Index basics to quickly and easily interpret assessment results on your own


Who is this course meant for?

The Virtual Brooks Talent Index Certification course was created for anyone looking to improve their knowledge of Brooks Talent Index assessments. Class participants can include professionals from various companies, industries, departments, and job functions. There is also an option to schedule a course with participants from only your company–simply reach out to your sales representative to arrange a date!


How much of a time commitment is involved in the certification?

Each week, you’ll be sent coursework to prepare you for the group session. The coursework can generally be completed in one hour. You’ll then meet once per week for five weeks in a virtual classroom with an expert consultant to review the content.


Will I still have access to Brooks Talent Index consultants after I become certified?

Yes! This course is meant to give you the knowledge and confidence to interpret results on your own…That said, you will always have access to Talent Management consultants for difficult hiring decisions, and to further improve your interpretations skills.


What is the latest date I can sign up for a course?

Participants must be registered for an upcoming course the Friday before the start date. This allows us time to set each participant up in our system and send out relevant coursework.

Have questions about becoming your organization’s internal Brooks Talent Index expert? Contact Us!