Sales Managers Becoming Sales Coaches

Real Time Sales Coaching

With customized sales training, new skills are introduced to your team in a way that relates directly to their everyday selling situation. But to really put those skills into action—and to make sure new strategies are being used to their full potential—you need reinforcement and coaching that takes place in real time.
Real Time Sales Coaching

Real time coaching happens as the sale naturally unfolds, giving salespeople the confidence to apply newly learned skills, and guidance to course-correct if they veer off track.

After the initial training, salespeople participate in a 9-week reinforcement program. Unlike passive E-learning programs that rely on the learner to voluntarily review the training material, our group reinforcement sessions are led by coaching specialists and incorporate peer learning. Salespeople can discuss the challenges they’ve faced with one another, and share the solutions that have worked best for them.

Training specialists from The Brooks Group will jumpstart the coaching and get salespeople comfortable applying their newly learned skills, and sales managers will participate in an 8-week reinforcement program to ensure that a regular coaching cadence carries on after the initial training period.

People learn best by doing. Real time coaching allows salespeople to apply new skills effectively to real life sales opportunities and make the process their new normal.