IMPACT Selling® for the Complex Marketplace

A strategic sales training approach to help your team navigate enterprise-level deals and succeed in complex selling situations

Winning complex sales in today’s selling environment requires your salespeople to shift their mindset and approach from tactical to strategic and focus on value-based selling. Real success goes beyond making a one-time sale, to developing long-term relationships with decision makers.

To become a strategic resource capable of driving change, your sales reps need the skills to position themselves as experts and influence the buying decision. They need the in-depth knowledge of your customers’ organizations, decision-making process, industry, and the concerns of individual stakeholders within the organization.

IMPACT Selling for the Complex Marketplace builds on the solid foundation of the IMPACT sales process. It teaches salespeople skills for mastering the complex sale with multiple layers of decision makers—ensuring they have a place at the table when buying decisions are made or RFPs are written.

IMPACT Selling for the Complex Marketplace Benefits

Increase strategic alignment with your customers

Increase strategic alignment with your customers
become a partner that helps to drive change, instead of just a one-time vendor

Maximize internal resources

Maximize internal resources
manage long sales cycles efficiently and get in before the RFP

Uncover opportunities within existing accounts

Uncover opportunities within existing accounts
sell higher up in the organization and establish long-term business relationships with decision makers

Differentiate your organization from the competition

Differentiate your organization from the competition
turn your sales team’s business acumen into your competitive advantage

Increase and protect your margin

Increase and protect your margin
master the art of negotiating with procurement to get the price your solution deserves

In a combination of instructor-led, individual, role play, and small and large-group activities, sales professionals will learn to:

Navigate Larger Buying Committees

Navigate Larger Buying Committees

The reality is that more and more people are involved in purchasing decisions today—especially in complex business-to-business sales. Your salespeople need to be prepared to sell to a crowd and align with a decision-making unit’s buying process. Sales reps will be given tools to help them:

  • Apply a questioning strategy to qualify stakeholders and uncover their wants and needs
  • Identify motivators of those individuals involved in the decision process
  • Tailor thought leadership and communication to match each stakeholder’s behavior style
Navigate Larger Buying Committees

Fully Understand Your Customers’ Business

Like you, your buyers are facing tremendous pressure to stay ahead of the competition. Your salespeople can help your customers be more competitive in their own market by fully understanding their critical business processes, strategies, and goals. This depth of understanding leads to:

  • A stronger partnership with an increased level of trust in the salesperson and your organization
  • The ability for salespeople to uncover future business opportunities within an account
  • Embedding your products and services into a customer’s operations
Navigate Larger Buying Committees

Position Themselves as Strategic Advisors

In order to drive change inside of your customer’s business, your salespeople must position themselves as expert consultants. It’s about going beyond product knowledge to convincing prospects with industry news, research, and subject matter expertise. This program will show your salespeople how to:

  • Demonstrate business acumen so clients trust the solutions they recommend
  • Provide thought leadership that stimulates conversation, improves credibility, and fosters a long-term relationship
  • Build a value formula to effectively differentiate your solution from the competition
Navigate Larger Buying Committees

Sharing Insights Through Storytelling

Incorporating storytelling into sales presentations allows salespeople to connect with prospects on a human level, simplify a complex product, and vividly illustrate a point. Stories are memorable and relatable, and adding them to the sales process is an effective way to address difficult or challenging issues. Salespeople will master:

  • When storytelling is appropriate, and how to seamlessly weave it into sales presentations
  • How to link the client’s needs with a relevant, persuasive story that grabs and holds attention
  • The correct length, tone, and delivery of an effective story
Navigate Larger Buying Committees

Collaborate with the Customer on Solutions

In a complex sale, securing the deal goes beyond simply asking for the business. Salespeople can increase customer buy-in for the plan and future contact by collaborating with the client and implementing value-based selling techniques. They’ll learn to build mutually beneficial partnerships with:

  • Techniques for asking tough questions, handling price negotiations, and closing with confidence
  • A strategic approach for working with procurement and group purchasing organizations
  • Best practices and action plans for maintaining an ongoing relationship with the decision maker

In a complex selling situation, your salespeople must be equipped with the skills to map a decision-making unit and execute on a well-planned sales strategy.

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