IMPACT Sales Team Training

Simple. Flexible. Buyer-Focused.

The IMPACT sales process is so popular and successful because it is:



The acronym is easy to learn, remember, and reinforce—yet powerful enough to transform sales teams


Can be used across a wide range of selling situations and customized for your business needs


Allows the salesperson to meet the prospect where they are in the buying process

Developed in 1988 by the late Bill Brooks, IMPACT is a linked, 6-step selling process that your salespeople can learn and apply to win more deals, more often. IMPACT has been taught to over 1,000,000 sales professionals around the world in over 350 industries.

The steps of IMPACT Selling are:

The steps of the IMPACT Selling process

IMPACT starts before a seller ever comes in contact with a prospect. The system teaches your salespeople to pre-call plan, and gives them the ability to position themselves as strategic advisors when they do get face-to-face with a client. Your salespeople will learn to ask the right questions and sell in the way the buyer wants to buy.

The Brooks Group IMPACT sales process has helped our company establish a common language and methodology among our sales team and management. The customized training and facilitation allowed us to train at a pace that was most effective for our group and the ongoing coaching calls have reinforced the methodology in real-life situations. Ultimately, we have been able to create more value for our customers which allows us to support a culture based on consultative versus transactional selling.

- Chris Trevey,

President/CEO, Carlton Scale

The IMPACT Selling System Provides a Guide for Sales Coaching

Conversations about opportunities are streamlined when everyone speaks a common sales language.

With just a handful of targeted questions, sales managers can quickly receive the information they need in order to coach. This allows them to identify improvement areas, course correct, and forecast more accurately.

The IMPACT system allows sales managers to find out all they need to know with the following 4 questions:

  • Which step of the sales process are you in?
  • How qualified is the opportunity on a scale of 1-5?
  • Who's making the decision and what is your relationship with them?
  • What's your definitive next step?

Guide for Sales Coaching

The 5 Fundamental Skills of World-Class Sales Managers

Learn to Coach Your Reps

The 5 Fundamental Skills of World-Class Sales Managers

World-class athletic teams win for one reason and one reason only: they have absolute mastery over the fundamentals.

World-class sales managers are no different.

Download the whitepaper to discover:

  • The single most powerful method to engage salespeople in the coaching process
  • How to walk the fine line between “managing” and “coaching”
  • The biggest misconception that interferes with sales management success
  • How to focus sales reps on high efficiency activities ONLY
  • And more

A Simple Framework That Can Be Customized to Fit Your Needs

The beauty of The IMPACT Selling system is its simplicity. There are no complex theories for your salespeople to translate, just straightforward, actionable strategies they can apply with opportunities the very next day.

The simple framework can be easily adapted and customized to reflect your organization’s real-world sales environment.

The benefits of a customized program include:

  • Targeted training on your team’s specific challenge areas
  • Increased buy-in from your salespeople
  • Improved engagement levels during the training
  • Greater likelihood for training to get applied in the field
  • Significantly higher retention levels 6 months post-training

Simple Customized Framework

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