Virtual Customer Service Training to Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue

Give your team the customer service skills training needed to win customers, increase renewals, and keep them coming back


Virtual Instructor-Led Training for 2020

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Why Choose the Virtual IMPACT for Customer Service Training Program?

The service experiences your customers have with your staff will ultimately determine if they stay with your company and buy more, or if they decide to take their business elsewhere.

Virtual IMPACT for Customer Service is a customizable training program designed to give your customer service representatives the skills needed to delight customers, grow customer loyalty, and differentiate your company from the competition with world-class customer service.

Who is This Program Intended For?

Service professionals responsible for providing exceptional customer experience, including customer service representatives, parts and service reps, service/repair technicians, project managers, and more.


Program Benefits

Enhanced Communication Skills and Stronger Customer Relationships

Enhanced Communication Skills and Stronger Customer Relationships

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

Higher Client Retention Rates and Additional Sales to Existing Customers

Higher Customer Retention Rates and Additional Revenue from Existing Customers

Improved Positioning and Referral Business

Improved Positioning and Referral Business

Empowered Customer Service Professionals Who Are Confident Handling Complaints and Presenting Solutions

Empowered Customer Service Agents Who Are Confident Handling Complaints and Presenting Solutions

Enhanced Ability to Uncover and Quickly Respond to Product or Service Weaknesses

Enhanced Ability to Solve Problems and Quickly Respond to Product or Service Weaknesses

Increased Access to Information About Your Customers and Marketplace Trends

Increased Access to Information About Your Customers and Marketplace Trends

IMPACT for Customer Service is designed to fit the everyday environment of customer service employees while teaching them how valuable their function is to business profitability.

The steps of IMPACT for Customer Service are:

Understand the challenges and expectations of the customer service role and evaluate your customer service attitude
Optimize every customer interaction and build a bridge by developing trust and rapport over the telephone
Identify and understand customer expectations and turn customer dissatisfaction into a positive customer experience through exceptional service
Learn when and how to present recommendations and provide solutions that connect to customer needs and wants
Confirm your recommendation, manage customer concerns and objections
Close the interaction, establish next steps, and thank the customer

What’s included in the training program?

  • Six hours (presented as three 2-hour sessions or six 1-hour sessions) of practical, easy-to-implement customer service skills training presented by one of our expert facilitators
  • Personal assessment designed to help service agents increase emotional intelligence and interact effectively to build relationships with customers
  • The VIrtual IMPACT for Customer Service workbook and job aids to help participants provide great customer service
  • Qstream – a mobile reinforcement app designed to deliver reinforcement tips and quizzes at customizable intervals

Is your service translating into additional revenue? Give your customer service professionals the skills and confidence to create exceptional experiences with every customer interaction they have.

“The IMPACT for Customer Service program was excellent. It helped bring our team to the next level by showing them how to adapt their communication to match the styles of the people they’re interacting with on a daily basis. The best part of working with The Brooks Group team was the customization process. The time they spent from a consultative standpoint allowed them to understand our operations, culture, and needs--and tailor a program that really hit home with participants.”

—Lynn Clark, Vice President, Guy M. Turner, Inc.

“The IMPACT for Customer Service Program was outstanding and has enabled us to bring our Customer Service team into the same training platform as our Sales force. They can now share a common language around IMPACT. The overall energy and results received from our planning sessions through to the actual training event exceeded all other training services I have been a part of.”

—Chris Jones, VP of Dealer Relations, C.H.I. Overhead Doors

“The Brooks crew did an excellent job of understanding our company, clients, employees, and objectives—then customized the course to suit our needs. The outcome was a full day of training that provided exactly what we needed to give our employees the tools to engage with customers to achieve the best outcomes for all. This will allow us to turn our customer relationships into a differentiator. I would recommend The Brooks Group’s Customer Service training for any industry and any type of employee that is customer facing.”

—Morgan Brady, CEO, Composite Resources, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the program be customized?
Customer Service training programs can be customized to include learning tools and communication templates that incorporate the language, examples, and case studies that are most relevant in your organization’s unique environment.

Are communication skills covered in the training?
Through hands-on learning activities, participants will learn the etiquette required for successful, customer-forward communication. Your team will learn to listen for cues and identify the behavior style of external customers over the phone, and adapt their communication approach to match. They’ll also be instructed on the most effective way to communicate with internal customers—boosting alignment and collaboration within your organization.

Ready to turn excellent customer service into sustainable profitability for your organization? A representative from The Brooks Group can help get you started.