The Brooks Virtual Selling Program

The Brooks Virtual Selling Program


Training a sales team for excellence is not a job to be taken lightly. With the IMPACT Selling Virtual Sales Training Program plus Reinforcement Modules, we can upskill your team to make better prospecting choices, build better and more lasting customer relationships, and identify solutions through a collaborative, active listening process led by an experienced and insightful facilitator. With Coaching to IMPACT, we can help your managers, assess how each member is executing the activities in the stages of the IMPACT process, and create a dynamic sales coaching process that can be used on a consistent and ongoing basis.

Our spaced learning program is essential for virtual selling in the modern world. It is a long-term approach to sales training that we’ve been preaching and teaching since before the pandemic hit. The components of The Brooks Virtual Selling Program, which are outlined below, combine for total of almost 23 hours of virtual learning.

Virtual, Instructor-Led Sales Training


The Brooks Group’s award-winning IMPACT Selling® sales training program has been taught to over one million sales professionals around the world over the past 40 years. IMPACT is an easy-to-remember acronym outlining the stages of the sales process — Investigate, Meet, Probe, Apply, Convince, Tie-It-Up. The system is based on proven, practical strategies that get results in the field — skipping the theoretical nonsense that can stand in the way of your salespeople actually applying their new skills.

The IMPACT Selling® sales process is so powerful because it allows the salesperson to meet the buyer here they are in the buying process while maintaining control of the sale. In these virtual sessions, we break down strategic milestones of the sales process into tactical triggers — addressing the minute-to-minute positioning challenges by applying techniques your most successful salespeople intuitively know, but probably can’t describe.

Our IMPACT Selling® Seminar contains strategies and techniques that can be applied with nearly any product or service, in any industry or selling environment. The flexibility of the system allows salespeople to “make it their own” and adapt to the buyer’s preferences while maintaining control of the sale.

Customized programs include learning tools and sales aids that incorporate the language, examples, and case studies that are most relevant in each client’s unique selling situation, as well as a private-label workbook.

Program Includes:


  • Selling Skills Index Assessment
  • IMPACT Selling Classes
  • Materials for IMPACT Selling
  • Mobile Sales Training Reinforcement Questions
  • 9 Microlearning Modules

IMPACT Selling Seminar Agenda


Session 1 (2.5 hours)

  • Introduction – orientation call
  • IMPACT Selling® Fundamentals – master the most important principles behind IMPACT Selling.

Session 2 (2.5 hours)

  • Uncovering Your Personal Selling Style – using the Selling Skills Index Assessment, understand your sales behavior and identify your strengths and development areas as a salesperson.
  • The Investigate Step – gather sufficient information about your market and individual buyers within it to enable you to make the best possible sales presentation.

Session 3 (2.5 hours)

  • The Investigate Step – continued
  • The Meet Step – engage your buyer and turn potential resisters into avid listeners. Develop rapport and trust while displaying your sincere interest in the buyer.



Session 4 (2.5 hours)

  • The Probe Step – have your buyers identity, feel, and verbalize their needs and identify problems they need to fix or issues they need to resolve.

Session 5 (2.5 hours)

  • The Probe Step – continued
  • The Apply Step – show your buyers how your recommended product or service meets their needs, solves their problem, or resolves their issue.

Session 6 (2.5 hours)

  • The Convince Step – reinforce your buyer’s trust and confidence in the value you are offering.
  • The Tie-It-Up Step – ask your buyer for a commitment, negotiate the agreement, then finalize and reinforce the sale.
  • Next Steps – develop an implementation plan for the three most critical ideas, strategies, or concepts to implement.
  • Final Thoughts – Review key points and highlights from the IMPACT Selling Program

Total Time Commitment (not including homework outside of class) = 15 hours

Online Microlearning Modules

Looking for ways to keep your sales team working effectively in a dynamic landscape?

Join the experts at The Brooks Group for Virtual Selling Essentials — an instructional series packed with the essentials you need right now to keep your sales professionals active, engaged, and productive.


Learn These 9 Virtual Essentials:

Virtual Prospecting (30 minutes)

Despite the changing times, buyers still need your product or service to ensure they can meet the needs of their employees and customers. Learn how to modify your prospecting process to keep your sales funnel filled, and to deliver enhanced solutions to your existing buyers. You’ll also learn how to use best access digital market intelligence tools to gain — and keep — your selling edge.

Virtual Pre-Call Planning (30 minutes)

Gain a toehold on your virtual sales interactions through tips designed to guide your advanced planning techniques. You’ll learn how to create a virtual sales call road map that is specific to your prospect and powered by the SMART objectives needed to improve your chances for success.

Virtual Recommendations of Targeted Solutions (30 minutes)

When a potential client believes the presented benefits exceed the price, you’ve presented great value. Learn what you need to deliver targeted solutions to potential buyers virtually with tips for making every presentation count, presenting price, and when to follow up.

Virtual Sales Call Foundations (30 minutes)

In this vital session, you’ll cover best practices for setting up your communications link, identify the best way to use the virtual tools to communicate your value proposition, and position your sales professionals for continual engagement with buyers using these new tools.

Virtual Recognizing & Communicating with Different Personalities (30 minutes)

Reading the virtual room requires a nuanced approach to communications cues. This program will prepare you to create a strong virtual connection to your prospect by helping you identify their DISC personality, adapt appropriately, and make the best impression, given their unique personality traits.

Virtual Tactics to Convince Prospects (30 minutes)

What does it take to close the deal? Learn the ways top sales performers convince prospects and overcome objections using virtual tools and creative options.

Virtual Positioning (30 minutes)

Your buyer needs you more than ever. They’re seeking a trusted voice in your marketplace, and an even greater understanding of how your offerings can meet their changing needs. Identify the critical keys to remaining top of mind with your buyers and prospects, and how to best ally with them to become a voice of reason.

Virtual Questioning Strategies (30 minutes)

Design the right question matrix needed to keep the dialogue moving forward in a productive and interactive manner by learning how to ask the correct type of questions, the right number of questions, and apply active listening techniques to drive the best results on your virtual sales call.

Virtual Commitment and Finalizing Sales (30 minutes)

Have you earned the right to ask for your prospect’s business? Learn how to finalize sales and establish next steps that will reinforce trust and your partnership with your new client.

Total Time Commitment = 4.5 hours

Mobile Sales Training Reinforcement

Sales enablement initiatives are most effective when training is followed up with a quality reinforcement program. In fact, according to research from Aberdeen, Best-in-Class companies are 15% more likely than others to follow-up sales training with reinforcement.

Mobile reinforcement questions are one of the tools The Brooks Group uses to reinforce skills your team learned in training, and to increase the likelihood of those new skills being applied in the field.


Why follow training with mobile reinforcement?

Improve Sales Rep Proficiency

Reinforce the essential knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to improve sales performance in the long term.

Enable Coaching Precision

Gain access to personalized coaching insights and analytics to know who, what, and when to coach and develop.

Measure Training Impact

Explore proficiency and engagement analytics to identify knowledge gaps, inform training needs, and measure ROI.

How does it work?


Push notifications alert reps to short scenario-based Q&A challenges that synch across devices and platforms.


Upon submitting an answer choice, reps instantly see the best response and how well they did relative to others on the team.


Brief explanations offer links, graphics, videos, and other rich media to ensure understanding and enhance learning.


Based on responses, reps compete for top scores on leaderboards with up-to-the-minute rankings that keep them engaged.


Optional social features include comment tools for sharing individual insights and best practices privately or with the team.

Total Time Commitment = 3 hours

Coaching to IMPACT

To truly sustain your sales training efforts and maximize the performance of each of your salespeople, your sales managers must be equipped to deliver effective sales coaching on a consistent and ongoing basis.

Coaching to IMPACT is a 4 session virtual instructor-led workshop that teaches sales managers a proven system for coaching and reinforcing the IMPACT process with their team.

The program is delivered to sales managers after a sales team has gone through IMPACT sales training, and provides a structured approach to coaching to the steps of IMPACT. Participants will already be familiar with the IMPACT Selling process and will learn best practices for coaching to it.

Program Includes:


  • Coaching to IMPACT Classes
  • Materials for Coaching to IMPACT

Coaching to IMPACT Agenda


Session 1 (2.5 hours)

  • Review IMPACT as a manager

Session 2 (2.5 hours)

  • Know Your Sales Professional


    Session 3 (2.5 hours)

    • Coaching Your Team

    Session 4 (2.5 hours)

    • Reinforcing IMPACT

      Total Time Commitment (not including homework outside of class) = 10 hours

      Price Per Person: $1,500 USD ($1,883 CAD)


      Ready to equip your team with a sales process proven to get results? Let’s start a conversation.