Award-Winning Online Sales Training Program

It’s not just eLearning. It’s empowering your sales team to break sales records.

Why Choose IMPACT-U Online Sales Training?

The award-winning IMPACT Selling® System is an online sales training program that places sales eLearning effectiveness at your sellers’ fingertips. Our sales eLearning program teaches participants the selling skills they need to be successful, from sales prospecting and pre-call planning to consultative selling questioning, recommending solutions, closing the business, and maintaining an ongoing, positive client relationship.

Unlike the boring, online sales training courses of the past, IMPACT-U® offers the following benefits:

Empowered Customer Service Professionals Who Are Confident Handling Complaints and Presenting Solutions

With Sales eLearning, your representatives can learn new sales techniques at their pace, wherever they are. Perfect for widely dispersed teams and on-the-go sales professionals.

Enhanced Ability to Uncover and Quickly Respond to Product or Service Weaknesses

Gaming elements and an intuitive design engage learners and improve retention of new selling techniques. Who said sales training courses can’t be fun?

Increased Access to Information About Your Customers and Marketplace Trends

Your sales leaders and managers can see exactly which areas are most challenging for your sales reps. Targeted coaching has never been so simple.

Take a sneak peek at our interactive scenario-based sales training.

Take a sneak peek at our interactive scenario-based eLearning online sales training.

We’ve combined 40+ years of sales effectiveness experience with an intelligent design optimized for the way people want to learn today.

Your sales professionals will learn a consultative sales process that they can apply right away with their existing clients to build relationships and create new opportunities.

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“IMPACT-U provides both introduction to the IMPACT fundamentals and quality post-training reinforcement. Participants are challenged and pulled into the exercises with lots of interaction, and the level of learner engagement really makes it stick. Well done and a must for optimum IMPACT development.”

Donald Coldwell
Senior Manager, Aftermarket Training
Volvo Trucks North America

Train your sales force in a way that’s convenient for them. IMPACT-U is accessible across multiple devices, placing new sales techniques right at your sellers’ fingertips.

Interactive and memorable learning experiences that drive excellent sales performance.

Key selling principles are introduced and reinforced to learners in a fun, easy-to-grasp format.

Key skills and sales strategy are introduced and reinforced to learners in a fun, easy-to-grasp design.

Key selling principles are introduced and reinforced to learners in a fun, easy-to-grasp format.

Your salespeople will immediately relate new techniques to real business opportunities, translating to increased revenue and ROI on training.

Access the award-winning IMPACT selling system on-demand—in a popular format your sales team will love.

Each Salesperson Enrolled Will Receive:

  • Six months of on-demand access to the IMPACT-U online sales training platform
  • Six-month study guide to enhance development and reinforce the online training
  • Official IMPACT Selling® Certificate of Completion

Sales Managers Will Receive:

  • Coaching guide to mentor sales reps throughout training and reinforce newly learned selling skills
Number of Seats Price Per Seat
1–24 $595
25–49 $545

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program intended for?
  • IMPACT-U is perfect for:
  • Large, widely-dispersed sales teams
  • Sales teams with less than 10 reps
  • New hires brought onto a team already trained in IMPACT
  • Supplemental content before a live sales training event
  • Supplemental content to reinforce a live sales training event
  • Both beginner and experienced sales reps


Do salespeople get a certificate of completion when they finish the course?

Yes. Sellers who complete IMPACT-U will receive an official IMPACT Selling certificate of completion.


Can sales managers track their sales reps’ progress?

Yes. IMPACT-U is designed to give sales managers a clear view of how much of the course each rep has completed. Managers can also use the post-module assignments along with their coaching guide to deliver targeted coaching and development where it’s needed.


Is this course meant to replace live instructor-led training?

There are benefits to classroom training that are difficult to replicate in an online format. This course makes the solid principles of IMPACT Selling widely accessible in situations where classroom training isn’t an option. It’s also a fantastic addition to a blended-learning approach.

Still have questions? A sales effectiveness expert from The Brooks Group has the answers.