Leading Global Sales Training Provider Gets To The Bottom Of What It Takes To Train Sales Managers To Deliver Best-In-Class Sales Coaching

Greensboro, NC – March 19, 2014 – The Brooks Group, in conjunction with sales training industry analyst Training Industry, Inc., has released one of the sales training industry’s most robust – and eye-opening – research studies revealing what best-in-class sales organizations do to get a return on the sales coaching efforts of their sales managers.

The research paper, titled “The Essential Elements of A World-Class Sales Coaching Program,” uncovered startling data.  Examples of study results include information such as common reasons sales coaching fails, as well as best practices for sales leaders who are devising formal sales coaching initiatives inside of their sales organization.

The Brooks Group is a sales culture transformation and training firm operating on a global level.

More than 240 survey respondents representing 75 organizations participated in the study.  These participants provided input from the C-Suite, Sales, R&D, Marketing, Customer Service and HR departments.

“Conducting research around industry trends, best practices and methods for sales force transformation is a cornerstone of what we do at The Brooks Group.  Our clients count on us to provide subject matter expertise as it relates to sales process improvement, sales management training and coaching, and affecting long-term behavioral change inside of their sales organizations,” states  Jeb Brooks, President and CEO of The Brooks Group.

About The Brooks Group

Founded in 1977, The Brooks Group is an award-winning B2B sales training company focused on bringing practical, straightforward solutions to your sales force selection and training challenges.

The Brooks Group’s suite of sales and sales management training programs are street-smart, logical and taught/reinforced in a way that guarantees clients realize a return on their training dollars immediately following the training.  The Brooks Group’s clients get the best available resources for screening, training, developing and retaining sales and sales management talent customized specifically to their organization’s needs.

  • 94% of The Brooks Group’s training participants win new accounts as a result of the training
  • 99% see increased sales volume
  • 75% say they’re better at building trust and rapport and are more confident in approaching prospects.