The Brooks Group celebrates 35 years in business. In that time, the firm has worked with thousands of organizations to improve their sales performance

celebrating 35 years sales effectiveness professionalsGreensboro, NC – January 25, 2012  This year marks The Brooks Group’s 35th year in business. In that time, the firm has worked with thousands of organizations all over the world to improve their sales performance.

More than one million salespeople, managers, and leaders have been impacted by The Brooks Group’s principles.

According to President and CEO, Will Brooks, “Our long-term success is due to a strong foundation based on a mix of research and real-world results.”

After remarkable double-digit growth in 2011, the company has plans to grow by 20% in 2012, including an equivalent increase in staff.

The Brooks Group has been recognized for three years as one ofSelling Power magazine’s Top 10 Sales Training firms and for four years as one of Training Industry, Inc.’s Top 20.

Founded by the late Bill Brooks, the company began in the attic of his Buffalo, NY house. Today, it occupies a 10,000 square foot office in Greensboro, NC. The facility features a state-of-the-art broadcast studio and expansive conference and meeting rooms.

“Our team is devoted to remaining at the forefront of the sales training industry by helping companies understand how their buyers want to buy. We rely on the 23 books Bill wrote as a starting point. But we’re always looking forward,” according to Paul Bilodeau, VP of Sales & Marketing.

“We believe there is very little as critical to our clients as a thorough understanding of the world of professional selling. It’s why we devote so many resources to growing our understanding,” said head of Client Services, Michelle Richardson.

The Brooks Group will mark the year with a number of events, including a series of thirty-five minute webinars highlighting the past, present, and future of professional sales and leadership.

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About The Brooks Group

The Brooks Group is an award-winning sales and sales management training and assessment company based in Greensboro, NC. Since 1977, The Brooks Group has helped thousands of organizations in more than 500 industries transform their business practices through practical, down-to-earth skills development in sales and sales management growth. The firm’s mission is to deliver results-producing processes, services and products to sales organizations.