The Brooks Group’s newly released book, Military Recruiting Strategies & Tactics, provides step-by-step strategies and tactics for the military recruiting

military recruiting bookGreensboro, NC – February 15, 2010 – The Brooks Group’s newly released book, Military Recruiting Strategies & Tactics, provides step-by-step strategies and tactics for the rookie recruiter, as well as helpful insights for the experienced recruiter.

Using the fundamentals of The Brooks Group’s IMPACT Selling® System, Military Recruiting Strategies & Tactics adapts this proven sales model to assist recruiters in achieving their recruitment goals.  Filled with insightful, proven tools and techniques, this book is a blueprint for successful recruiting, no matter which branch of service a recruiter represents.

“After several years of struggling to make our recruiting goals, we swapped our former sales model for the IMPACT Selling System in early 2000.  What followed is simply remarkable.  Armed with an applicant-focused approach to presenting our recruiting opportunities, Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Service has surpassed its mission requirements nine straight years.  With the publication of Military Recruiting Strategies & Tactics, Kevin Reinert and Bill Brooks have delivered a practical and powerful tool for recruiters everywhere, regardless of the service they represent.” remarked Francis M. Mungavin, Colonel, USAF (Retired), former Commander, Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Service.

Long-time military recruiter, Kevin Reinert, Colonel, USAF (Retired), brings his expertise in the area of military recruiting to The Brooks Group and holds the position of Vice President of Military and Government Programs.  Working with both the Air National Guard and the Air Force Reserve, Kevin has demonstrated success with both organizations in helping them achieve their recruitment goals year after year.

Reinert comments “Recruiting is one of the most important jobs in America’s all-volunteer armed forces, and it’s also one of the toughest.  The marketplace is highly competitive, and the recruiting environment is loaded with political, social and economic challenges that recruiters must deal with and overcome on a daily basis.  To the average person on the street, all recruiters and all branches of the military look the same.  That’s precisely why it takes a well-trained, professional recruiter to point out the differences and match each prospect’s needs, wants and qualifications with the opportunities that the recruiter’s service can offer.  Military Recruiting Strategies & Tactics was written to assist all recruiters enjoy long-term professional success.  It’s packed with valuable advice that’s drawn from my own personal experiences and observations as a recruiting officer for more than 14 years.”

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